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About Consumer’s Choice Reviews

Welcome to Consumer’s Choice Reviews! We’re glad you chose to visit us. If you’ve already purchased products through our website, we can’t thank you or express our appreciation enough! The least we can do for you now is give you a bit of information on who we are as an organization.

We’re a group of individuals that are working together to help you, and other people like us, make smarter, safer purchases online!

Some of us choose to order things online and some of us don’t have other reasonable options.

When it comes to spending your money, you should be satisfied with your purchase.

Just because you’re not physically walking into a store doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated like a valuable customer. We don’t see many businesses booming without a loyal customer base — your presence as a consumer is important whether it’s online or in person!

That’s why it’s important for you to receive products that function properly! Simply put, we’re pretty much sharing our shopping secrets with you. We mostly started this business because we wish we had the same help finding great deals and plentiful information in the same place!

It is undeniably easy to click the first results your search engine displays in dire circumstances, but it’s both safer and smarter to take the time to research and compare products… or, at the very least, find a company with a website that does the research and comparisons for you!

We’re sure you’re aware, but some websites are built for the sole purpose of baiting innocent people for their information.

That’s where we come into play. A lot of information is already out there, but it’s scattered all over the place. Not only can searching for specific information become overwhelming, it can also prove to be fruitless… not for the lack of material, but because distractions are so abundant! Sometimes you have to search pretty deep into the web before you find what you need! Some websites are safe and some aren’t, to put it simply. We aren’t cool with computer hazards so you’re safe in searching for information with us.

We’re determined to work against those potential distractions — to make information (and access to the mentioned products) more readily available with fewer clicks. We believe that each person’s time on this planet is precious and in the case of slight emergencies, they need information quickly! For instance, if we were suffering with a horribly humid home and began a search for dehumidifiers, we’d be happy landing on a website that gave us access to purchasing one and accurate information about their purpose.

Here at Consumer’s Choice Reviews, we work towards learning, condensing, and sharing valuable information with you in hopes of helping you purchase premium products with complete confidence!

For any one product, there are likely to be alternate options. We sift through several of those options but we also take the time to learn about anything confusing we come across.

There’s no sense in owning (or suggesting that anyone else should own) product we can’t properly use ourselves, is there?

Anything we don’t understand, we seek information on until we do; this includes (but is not limited to) learning definitions and descriptive terminology. While we think words work best when well-formed, there’s hardly a better time to understand exactly what you’re reading than when you’re making an investment.

The majority of our teammates have extensive knowledge and experience in retail and customer service. Most of us could certainly convince someone to buy the most expensive product on the market, but we’re a compassionate crew.

We want to bring you bargains and quality, not sacrifice one for the other. 

We’re not willing to sacrifice your happiness for our own, either. We want every person to have a pleasant experience. No exceptions! With that being said, we tend to personalize many of our posts. We’re real people with real feelings, too, and a few of us love writing!

Getting back to business, we don’t believe that you always get what you pay for, despite what we were told growing up. We realize that while that old saying may be true sometimes, it is most often used today as part of a marketing ploy.

Since we work hard for our money, if we spend a bundle of it, the product totally has to be worth it, right?! Wrong. We’re done falling for that and we’re moving forward in our search. While certain types of items may require heftier sums of money, some are negotiable in price also offering surprising durability and efficiency. (We love those particular types of products!)

We like variety and will often do our best to mention an adequate amount of affordable products in our reviews as well as more luxurious models. Since facing many options may lead to indecision, we keep things simple for you by typically sticking to reviewing ten of the most common, efficient products on the market for each subject.

Are you wondering how we choose just ten items each time?

We usually start by scouring search engines, threads, and forums for what topics and items are hot at that particular point in time. Once we’ve discovered which products are most popular, we browse through price listings (when they’re available). In doing this, we tend to dismiss outrageously expensive, strictly-luxurious items and shine the spotlight on more wallet-friendly choices. 

Once we’ve completed those steps, we make sure the products are still available for purchase. If we luck out and all ten of our concluded choices are accessible, we then purchase or borrow them for our own use and examination.

Upon receiving each product we test, we follow the manufacturer’s directions leading up to and during each use. When analyzing our own data and the rest of the information we’ve gathered, we compare the similarities and differences between (our) personal and (the online community’s) popular experiences.

We then come up with an average we can use in order to give you an unbiased review. Though we enjoy a small profit from purchases made through our website, we offer you our collected information for free! That means you’re not obligated to do anything and we have to appreciate your online presence more than anything.

Again, we thank you for visiting and believing in us at Consumer’s Choice Reviews!

If we still have your attention, we suspect that you may be curious as to what kind of content we have to offer you. We’re still a young, growing company and for now, we may not have an impressive amount published… we’re working on that, we promise! It takes some time (and a lot of work) to create content worth reading and we want everything we publish to be worth your while! You’re incredible if you have the patience to grow with us the more we publish!

What we do have to offer right now are some pretty thorough posts on both everyday and specialized products!

Two of our favorite reviews so far are on waterproof cameras and weed whackers (also known as weedeaters)!

To be honest, the author of the weed whackers review didn’t know what she was getting into (but made it her own, which proves to be impressively informative) and we think anyone could walk away with a little something from that post in particular!

As for the waterproof camera publication, we enjoyed the fact that professional, casual, and child-friendly cameras were all mentioned. (It was fun testing a lot of them out, too).

We aren’t satisfied by tooting our own horns, though. We want to ensure your happiness and your feedback is important to us!

We’re grateful you’ve come this far and we’d like to share some feedback from one of our very first followers with you.

 E-mail from Mike Williams in Maryland, USA
(with much appreciation from us)

As an avid American consumer, when it comes to online shopping, I know that there are many websites that will have, available for purchase, the particular item I’m looking for.

I always browse around to see if I can find the same item at a cheaper price on another site before I make any commitments; I can’t justify spending more than I must. I won’t even begin to describe the risk and reward take from trying to outbid another buyer on trustworthy, auctioning sites…

I stumbled across Consumer’s Choice Reviews when I was looking for a new Bluetooth headset.

I had never heard of or come across their site before so I assumed they must be an up-and-coming team. Though newer to the game than some, they are far from amateurish.

CCR [I’m uncertain if this is their official acronym or not] takes the time to do the hard work, searching all over the web to see which item is best in its class… they then take it a step further, making an effort to compare and contrast those items in a format that is easy to follow and comprehend.

Consumer’s Choice Reviews takes the complexity out of any shopping situation that requires you to ask yourself “is this item better than that?” and gives you a list of comparable, competitive models.

CCR delves into descriptions for the items they list. For example, they will go through each item and list off how or why it is on the list, what it excels at, and, oftentimes, what it might lack. They seem to search for bundle packages that make first-time purchases a lot easier, too.

You can find their rating system for each item and if you click on the photo preview, you will be redirected to the product you wish to purchase.

On top of creating a list of their top ten choices for a specific item, at the end of the article, you can find their choices broken down even further. The staff then chooses their “top three.” Within this final summary is information on how each of those items are likely to be the most efficient for any random buyer to begin with.

As mentioned earlier, I discovered Consumer’s Choice Reviews by looking for a Bluetooth headset. I listen to music more often than not and I also have to make a few phone calls here and there. I was interested in finding a way to do both things comfortably without spending hundreds of dollars.

To further encourage you to make the best decision for your personal requirements, CCR tends to present a set of questions (that you may not have considered) when looking for an item.

For my headset I never thought to consider how far away I could be from my device and it still work properly and clearly… nor did I stop to ask myself if I wanted my headset to be able to connect to multiple devices! They had my attention by asking me those important questions that I almost disregarded.

Once you’ve settled on the device that you think best fits your needs, one simple click will successfully take you to the merchandise.

My very first purchase through Consumer’s Choice Reviews was the Air-­Fi Touch. I [still] use it all day at work and later bought another pair for my listening pleasure at home! I’ve now recommended this site to coworkers and they, too, are pretty pleased with each of their purchases.

I took the time to browse around and see how well put-together and trustworthy Consumer’s Choice Reviews was. My main purpose for that was in order to decide whether or not to save them to my list of favorites to frequent. As I’ve mentioned, I do the majority of my shopping online. I’ve also favorited their website so I can follow further posts. I’ve found that I enjoy reading their material almost as much as I enjoy purchasing product!

What I like the most about Consumer’s Choice Reviews is the fact that they don’t follow the same trend as everyone else does. They’re willing to walk to their own beat and stand out from the rest.

For example, I never would have imagined that they would list the best types of garage door openers or 3D printers.

I’ve never given either of those items much thought as I rarely use them, but the fact that they offered insight into some of the things I normally take for granted made me appreciative.

I found myself looking at said items. I hadn’t really imagined myself benefitting from purchasing them, I was just curious. From my curiosity, and the staff’s hard work at Consumer’s Choice Reviews, I’ve now found plenty of products and information I can share with family, coworkers, and friends. I love having random bits of knowledge so I’m pretty happy with everything I walk away with from this site.

I feel like I have found a rare treasure in the sometimes-sweeping internet. Though Consumer’s Choice Reviews is still an underdog, they’re one to be watching. I believe they’ll rise to the top quickly and look forward to watching their business grow as my knowledge-base grows.


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