Best Back Massagers

Best Back Massagers

Does your back have you begging for some type of serious relief? Do you catch yourself bending, stretching, and twisting, yet never “hitting the spot?” While we discuss the best back massagers, we’ll also discuss the ways in which they’re used and which areas of the body they’re most efficiently used on!

Brand/Model Key Features Rating Preview & Purchase
TriggerPoint Quadballer *Self-Myofascial Release; *Efficient enough for use on neck, back, hamstrings, IT band, & quads; *Travel-friendly 4.9 out of 5

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Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief *TENS unit; *15 intensity levels; *3 massage modes; *Travel-friendly 4.8 out of 5

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Panasonic EV2510K *Handheld, rolling, full-body massager; *Vibration system (6,300 or 5,000 times/min); *Travel-friendly 4.7 out of 5

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Zyllion ZMA-20 Luxury Shiatsu Massage Pillow *Infrared heating; *Protection from overheating (Auto shut-off); *Dual-directional massage nodes; *V-spring suspension; *1-year warranty; *Travel-friendly 4.6 out of 5

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Body Back Company's Body Back Buddy *Self-massage; *Trigger point therapy; *BPA, PBDE, & TBBPA-free material; *Hypoallergenic; *Water-safe; *Full-body massage; *Guaranteed for a lifetime 4.5 out of 5

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Carepeutic Deluxe KH269A *Full-body massager w/heat therapy; *Shiatsu massage w/3D kneading; *6 massage heads; *Travel-friendly 4.4 out of 5

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Zyllion ZMA-14-BK *Shiatsu massaging cushion w/heat; *Adjustable massage nodes; *3 vibration settings; *Automatic shut-off (15min) 4.3 out of 5

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WAHL 4290-300 Deep Tissue Massager *Handheld, full-body, percussion massager; *4 interchangeable heads; *3,350 pulses/min; *Travel-friendly 4.2 out of 5

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HoMedics HHP-350 *Handheld, full-body, percussion massager; *Adjustable speed; *Dual, pivoting heads; *Attachments included; *Automatic shut-off for heat option; *Travel-friendly 4.1 out of 5

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Relaxzen 60-2921p04 *Shiatsu pillow massager (swing or circular); *4 massaging heads; *Heat option with & without massage; *Travel-friendly 4.0 out of 5

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Finding Relief without Costing a Fortune

Not everyone is the same. That isn’t news and it isn’t very interesting information anymore. But it’s the truth… it just isn’t the only truth!

Another truth is that there are plenty of us dealing with pretty messed up backs. Whether our posture becomes worse throughout the day or we can’t even begin our day sitting upright, we’re looking for relief… massage therapy is known for bringing millions of people the relief they seek. We’re not doctors, but we want to feel like we’re being taken care of by one.

Whether our posture becomes worse throughout the day or we can’t even begin our day sitting upright, we’re looking for relief… massage therapy is known for bringing millions of people the relief they seek.

We’re not doctors, but we want to feel like we’re being taken care of by one. (Without leaving the comfort of our home). If it isn’t an emergency, why waste tons of extra time and money?

While we do encourage the occasional (or frequent), professional massage, we know how precious our hard-earned money is. We can’t always afford to spend a lot of it, so we need something to get us through the rough patches. When you deal with muscle tension or pain frequently, it can be tough to do anything.

Your body is hurting and your mind begins to hurt, too. The mental “hurt” is usually more easily identifiable as stress, anxiety, or depression. When you’re in pain and can’t get relief when you need it, your mind isn’t sure what to do! It starts sending signals all over your body.

When our bodies are placed under stress, our minds often try to overcompensate. We’re known for trying to complete all tasks at hand while dealing with incredible pain. This isn’t healthy for our brains.

If you sit (or stand still) for more than a couple hours a day on average, you’ve probably accumulated tons of physical stress. If it’s your hobby to do those things, you can find new, more active replacements. If your job is to sit or stand still (and you have no other reason to leave), what’s your next best option?

Activity almost always helps, but sometimes we need a little more. Sometimes we need manual stimulation to break up tough knots! We don’t have to stop there, though. Not only are there plenty of manual massage tools, there are electric ones as well!

Our best advice when looking at electric, or battery-powered, options is to look for intensity levels and technique. If you have deep-rooted, chronic pain, you probably won’t want a simple, heated cushion. You might want a TENS unit as well as another tool for manipulating trigger points.

  • *TENS means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. These units are great about distracting you from pain, at least until your nerves get used to the stimulation and the levels are increased!

If you have no idea what could be causing your pain or you’ve experienced any recent trauma, please contact your physician before making another decision. If you’re pretty sure it’s just the stress of everyday life and duties getting to your body, then let’s look at a few questions!

What to Consider When Selecting a Back Massager

The whole point of massaging ourselves, or getting someone else to, is to increase the amount of blood flowing through our bodies and to decrease the amount of tension our bodies harbor. Endorphins should release throughout the massaging process, making depression and anxiety a little less noticeable! If you are dehydrated, you will likely become much sorer after the massage than before. It’s incredibly important to drink plenty of water, as boring as it sounds.

If you want your movements to be more fluid, you must drink more water!

Also, please don’t use any massagers on your children! If you’ve discussed it with their doctor, don’t let us stop you, but please consult them first!

  • Which area hurts the worst?
    • Head, neck, shoulders, upper back, middle back, lower back, hips, thighs, legs, feet, arms, etc…
      • Does more than one area hurt?
        • Do you want or need to be able to reach more than one area at a time?
      • Do you feel like your spine is being compressed?
      • Do you feel like you can’t stand up straight?
        • Do you just need to relax more often?
      • Is the area(s) safe to massage, use heat on, or stimulate with an electrical current?
        • These are all things your doctor should be able to answer for you if you are uncertain yourself. Some injuries can be made worse by manipulation, so if you’re unfamiliar with something, get it checked out!
  • What kind of pressure relieves your symptoms the most?
    • Do your aches benefit mostly from vibration, tapping, kneading, rolling, heat/cold, or acupressure?
      • There are more options than that but those are some of the most readily-available back massagers on the market!
        • Do you need the relief of a specific method, or do you want the option to use many?
      • If you’ve never been massaged, try getting a tool geared towards relieving minor aches and pain until you discover whether or not you can handle deep-tissue massage. (It really isn’t for everyone).
    • Do you want a tool that can both lightly scratch and massage tense areas?
      • For those of us that aren’t very flexible, these tools are nice options.
  • How often do you plan on using your back massager?
    • Do you need it for long periods of time?
    • Do you want to set a timer?
    • Do you need to use it multiple times a day?
    • Do you want (or need) to be able to travel with it?
    • All of these questions will help you decide on a back massager that will give you the biggest bang for your buck!
      • If you don’t have anyone able (or willing) to help massage your back, don’t purchase a back massager that requires two hands and an upright position to function properly!

Our Top Ten Choices for Best Back Massagers of 2016

The TriggerPoint Quadballer

  • The best thing about this massager is the fact that, as its name implies, it’s for self-myofascial release!
    • That means you roll back and forth on the Quadballer to find hot spots and trigger points. When you find them (trust us, you’ll feel them), roll back and forth on them, applying as much pressure as you can, until you manage to release some of that unwanted tension.
      • Objects like this are great if you don’t have friends or family willing to help you massage hard-to-reach areas! (Or if you just get knotted up that frequently!)
    • If a foam roller works on a wider area than you’d like (or isn’t aggressive enough), this is better for working out those tight, sensitive areas.
    • This is a good purchase if you’re acquainted with weird knots and aches from exercise or lack thereof!
      • If you aren’t highly active or always getting knotted-up-muscles, you may not find the appeal in this purchase.
        • Since we sit down a lot, we love how the Quadballer works out the knots in our lower back and shoulders! (Our hands and doorways just don’t cut it anymore).
  • This back massager should weigh less than two pounds.
    • It’s almost a foot long (tall) and four inches in diameter.
  • If you’re really concerned with the functionality of the product, check out some videos online.
    • They’ll give you ideas about how to use the Quadballer on yourself with ease!

Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief

  • This Omron is a TENS unit, which is a handheld miracle!
    • The Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief features fifteen intensity levels.
      • There are six pain settings for arms, feet, joints, legs, lower back, and shoulders.
      • Three additional massage modes offer tapping, kneading, and rubbing sensations.
    • Wondering how it works?
      • It comes with one set of two pads which must be used simultaneously and have to be placed on either side of your immediate pain.
        • Once the pads are placed (at least one inch apart from each other), you can determine the desired level of intensity for nerve stimulation and enjoy for about fifteen minutes!
          • If you need a little more relief, you can go for another round… just don’t exceed thirty minute sessions more than three times a day.
      • When used correctly, electrotherapy should block pain signals from your brain and increase blood flow to the affected area.
        • For extra help relieving your pain select one of the massage modes!
  • This Omron package should feature a belt clip, carrying pouch, and batteries.
    • You’ll need to replace the pads after 150 uses to enjoy your electrotherapy as hygienically as possible.
  • Your hands won’t get tired from holding an object or massaging yourself!
    • We like the feeling these units give us! It’s definitely odd if you’re not used to such sensations, but it’s easy to get used to… and then enjoy!

Panasonic EV2510K Easy Reach Rolling Massage

  • The Panasonic Easy Reach Rolling Massager can soothe your entire body!
    • The way it’s designed allows the user to access hard-to-reach areas of their own body, like the feet, legs, middle, upper, and lower back.
      • You can still get someone to use it on you, but it’s always easier to find your tender spots yourself!
  • It does feature a vibration system.
    • If you need a serious massage, select Strong when you turn it on. This will make the massager vibrate over six thousand times each minute!
    • When you don’t need that intensity, select Gentle and it’ll vibrate five thousand times a minute.
      • If you don’t want it to vibrate at all, just leave the switch alone.
  • You can roll this across sore areas or apply direct pressure to trigger points with the way the Easy Reach is set up.
    • We love this versatility!
      • Acupressure applies firm pressure on trigger points instead of using needles like acupuncture does.
        • If you’ve ever been told to try acupuncture out but you don’t like the idea of needles, acupressure should be your new best friend!
    • Did we mention that it’s super easy to travel with?

Zyllion ZMA-20 Luxury Shiatsu Massage Pillow

  • This luxury massage pillow is one of the best on the market!
    • A V-spring suspension system allows this pillow to comfortably massage your back, shoulders, and neck.
      • When you push the pillow against yourself, the suspension should readjust itself according to your body instead of digging in too deep.
        • The massagers will change direction every sixty seconds to help ensure muscle bliss!
    • The pillow has the option to heat up, too!
      • It’ll get extra warm because the exterior is a nice, black leatherette.
    • You can take the Zyllion ZMA-20-BK almost anywhere, it’s small enough to travel with in most cases!
      • The pillow measures approximately fourteen, eight, and fourteen inches.
        • It should weigh a little less than five pounds.
      • There is a car charger available for this awesome back massager.
    • If you have poor circulation or constantly-aching muscles, this pillow’s great for relieving that discomfort.
      • That’s one of the reasons it’s a great travel companion! If your legs get restless on a long drive, pull out the pillow.

Body Back Company’s Body Back Buddy

  • The Body Back Buddy is awesome because you can easily use it anywhere on yourself and it shouldn’t strain your arms!
    • You don’t have to ask people to press their elbows into your back or press yourself onto furniture with edges to find relief anymore. The Body Back Buddy is designed to be self-held for long periods of time, comfortably, and to withstand a lot of pressure.
      • If you have super tense trigger points, this is a great buy.
        • It’s designed for self-myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy.
          • There are currently few other back massagers on the market offering this kind of relief without using electricity.
    • This brilliant back massager is also good for sore necks, shoulders, and feet.
  • If you’re not convinced that this is one of the best yet, you’ll probably be happy to hear that your product is guaranteed for its lifetime.
    • If you purchase it and hate it, return it within thirty days and request a refund.
      • We don’t see how anyone could hate this wonderful tool, but we think it’s awesome that we have the option for a refund.
      • The Body Back Buddy is also an American-made product, so if you’re against outsourcing, this is the product to get behind.
  • The Body Back Buddy shouldn’t weigh more than two pounds!
  • It’s sturdy, despite its lack of weight.
    • The modern design includes rectangular cross-sections known as I-Beams for additional durability.
      • The “S” shape the tool has itself adds durability in the first place.
  • If you’re finding yourself looking at the pictures without an idea of how to use the Body Back Buddy, wonder no more.
    • Even though it is already designed to be used easily, a twelve-page manual is included with your purchase to ensure proper use.

Carepeutic Deluxe Shiatsu Full Body Massager

  • If you don’t want to press a massager into yourself, this is a nice option.
    • The Carepeutic Deluxe Full Body Massager can stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons you choose to massage.
    • The heat therapy is a nice bonus, making it even easier to relax or improve your blood circulation.
      • (As we’ve mentioned before, just stay away from heat if you have excessive inflammation).
  • Since it offers shiatsu massage primarily, be forewarned. It might be a little intense for some users, but the strength is adjustable by pulling on the straps.
    • The massages felt best on our tense necks, shoulders, and upper backs.
      • You could also massage your waist and thighs, you just might not want to increase the pressure in those areas. It can get a little tough!
  • The Carepeutic Deluxe Full Body Massager should include an AC adaptor and car adaptor.
    • It should measure approximately seventeen, four, and fourteen inches.
      • It should weigh less than six pounds!
  • Our main complaint is geared towards the armholes. They’re efficient enough for people with smaller frames but awkwardly positioned on anyone else.
    • If you don’t mind this one little exception (or the fact that it does offer an aggressive massage), this is a pretty great investment.
      • Give your masseuse a few breaks and try this out between visits!

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK

  • The Zyllion ZMA-14-BK is an impressive back massager as well as a heating cushion.
    • You can enjoy shiatsu neck, shoulder, back, and lower back massages easily.
      • If positioned correctly, it can also be used to help relieve tension in  your calves, thighs, and abdomen.
    • The vibration motors are located around the hips.
  • This back massager is a little heavier than some of our other options, weighing in around seventeen pounds.
    • The measurements are approximately thirty, seventeen, and five inches.
    • It does have a back strap, so you can take it to different areas of the house of office. (Which is super convenient for relaxing or working with it on!)
  • It features an automatic shut-off function after about fifteen minutes of use.
    • You are encouraged to use it up to three times a day, which is great if you work in an office or have poor circulation!
      • It isn’t the most powerful massager, but it’s fine for saving money between massage or chiropractic appointments.
      • We like the fact that the heat doesn’t get too intense since inflammation can become an issue.

WAHL 4290-300 Deep Tissue Massager

  • This handheld, deep tissue, percussion massager is pretty impressive for its price.
    • It’s totally affordable and it comes with four interchangeable heads.
      • One represents a hand, one is for acupressure, one’s for deep tissue massage, and the last one is wide and has raised bumps for relief all over.
        • (We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with this product on a hotspot in the lower right side).
      • You may adjust the power levels.
        • With the Flat Disc head, you won’t have to worry about digging in too deep on a specific, sore muscle all at once.
    • It’s best to work your way into super sensitive areas, anyway!
  • It shouldn’t weigh more than five pounds.
    • The dimensions are approximately seven, seventeen, and eleven inches.
  • You could easily use this on most parts of your body!
    • Once you use it, if you choose to, you’ll soon understand why there’s not much else to say about it. It just works and works well!

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

  • The HoMedics HHP-350 is a handheld back massager with dual heads that pivot!
    • The handle is ergonomic so you won’t have to worry about straining your wrist.
      • It’s also lightweight, weighing less than five pounds!
        • It only measures a little over seventeen inches, six inches, and five inches… so you can take it with you when you travel!
    • Interchangeable heads for customizable enjoyment should be included with your purchase.
      • These heads should offer a firm, gentle, or heated massage.
  • You can adjust the speed to your liking.
  • Even those of us suffering from chronic back pain and tense trigger points felt better after just a couple sessions!
    • We don’t suggest using it for a lengthy amount of time in one particular area because it is so efficient.
  • This is another simple, yet completely amazing back massager that can benefit your whole body!

Relaxzen 60-2921p04 Swing Shiatsu Massager w/Heat

  • This awesome pillow-shaped back massager made it to our list because it offers impressive features for a really fair price.
    • You can choose between swing shiatsu or circular shiatsu massage.
      • (We loved the swing feature).
    • You can also enjoy the heated technology without massaging anything.
      • It works really well on lower backs but can benefit many areas of the body, like the middle & upper back and tense thighs.
  • The manufacturer’s headquarters are nearby, which we think is pretty nice.
  • You can’t use it in the car, but it’s a little bigger than some of the other options, so that’s okay with us.
    • The dimensions are approximately fifteen inches, fourteen inches, and five inches.
      • It should weigh less than five pounds.
  • The breathable mesh makes experiencing a massage with heat thoroughly enjoyable.

Our Favorite 3 Back Massagers

First and foremost, we love the Body Back Buddy! It’s absolutely perfect for everything we need. Most of us here at Consumer’s Choice Reviews are too restless to enjoy pillow, TENS unit, or other electrically-enabled massagers appropriately. The Body Back Buddy is great at relieving stubborn stress points quickly and efficiently. We had searched in all the wrong places for such amazing relief before. Even if you can’t quite distinguish whether your pain resonates in your back or bottom area, the Body Back Buddy will quickly help sort it out. We’ve fallen in love with self-myofascial release therapy! It doesn’t cost any extra money and is guaranteed for its lifetime. You can also use it all over yourself! It’s hard to get much better than that when it comes to getting a back massage!

Our second favorite option is the Panasonic EV2510K! For times when we’re just too tired to use a manual back massager, the Easy Reach Rolling Massager is wonderful. It isn’t limited to use on your back, either, so if you have a sore neck or legs, you’re able to find relief with this as well. It’s also a lot easier to bring with you on trips without having to explain its purpose (if you’re concerned about that type of thing). We just love its results and think it’s pleasantly affordable!

Our final choice is the Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief system. It isn’t a standard back massager, compared to our other choices, but we’re all about diversity. We also love the sensation it gave us. If you suffer from chronic pain and some areas are a bit too tender to manipulate, the Omron is definitely worth checking out. You won’t have to worry about stiffening your already sore muscles!

Whatever you may choose, we hope you find the pain relief we desperately needed before we did this review! The same option won’t work for everyone, so we hope you find something appealing in our selection. If not, we’re grateful you took the time to learn about all of these back massagers with us anyway! Happy shopping!

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