Best Bluetooth Headsets

Best Bluetooth Headsets

Let’s go bobbing for Bluetooth headsets! Wait, that’s not a thing?! Regardless, we’re going to be talking about our favorite and the best Bluetooth headsets!
Brand & Model Key Features Ratings Preview & Purchase
Naztech N760BT Wireless; HD Mic (Noise cancellation); Adjustable headphone; Hands-free; Lightweight; Sweat & dust resistant; 2 year warranty; Over-the-ear 4.9 out of 5

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LG HBS-770 Hands-free; ~30 ft range; MEMS mics; Quad-layering technology; Good battery life (~16 hours talking; ~10 listening); Earbuds (magnetic) 4.8 out of 5

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Sennheiser 506041 ~80 ft range; HD Sound & Mic (noise cancellation); Good battery life (~14 hours talking); Durable; Over-the-ear 4.6 out of 5

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Plantronics Voyager Legend (UC) Voice command; Good battery life (~7 hours talking); Bundle package (dongle included); SmartSensor technology 4.3 out of 5

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MEE audio Runaway (4.0) Wired with Wireless Option; A2DP support; Over-ear/headband; Compact; 1 year warranty; Travel bag included; Multi-function button; Good battery life (~15 hours talking & listening); ~30 ft range 4.2 out of 5

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MEE audio Air-Fi Touch Wired & wireless use; A2DP support; Audio codec support; GREAT battery life (~24 hours talking & listening); Compact; Swipe controls; Sleek & stylish; ~30 ft range; 1 year warranty 4.2 out of 5

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Jabra SUPREME (Driver's Edition) Wireless; A2DP support; Voice control; Wind-Noise reduction & noise cancellation; Apple-friendly; Easy pairing; Car charger is included; Headband or over-ear option; Flip-boom arm lever 4.3 out of 5

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Aluratek ABH04FB Wireless; Charging cable included (USB); 1-year warranty; A2DP support; ~8 hours playback & 12 hours talk time; Messenger & e-mail compatible 4.2 out of 5

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Motorola H720 Wireless; On-ear; Compatible with most Bluetooth-friendly phones; Noise-reducing & echo-cancelling technology (newest models); Flip to answer/end calls; ~8 hours talk time 4.0 out of 5

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Sony MDRZX770BT Wireless (with no AUX); Over-ear, headband-type; AAC & aptX support; Charging cable included; ~17 hours battery life (playback & talking); Swiveling ear pads 4.1 out of 5

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The most important question you can ask yourself when it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth headset is whether you plan on using it for phone calls or for listening to audio. Maybe both?

Whatever you desire should determine what kind of headset you go for. Before we dive too deep, we want you to understand that, for this purpose, we chose to focus mostly on Bluetooth headsets that were capable of handling phone calls efficiently.

Have You Considered…?

  • Whether or not you intend to purchase this as a gift or for personal use?
    • Will it be for personal enjoyment or for use at work?
  • How much money you’re willing to pay for one of these?
    • Don’t break your budget, but do make it a little flexible.
      • The most important thing to remember when giving gifts is that you should never hurt yourself in the process. Hurting yourself would mean hurting your financial situation.
        • In other words, please don’t spend more money than you can afford to!
      • If you’re just testing some out, don’t spend a lot of money unless you feel confident in your decision.
        • While it may be easy to assume that “we get what we pay for,” we should also remember that we could accidentally pay for something completely useless to us.
      • If your needs are very simple, you probably won’t need all the additional features available on the market!
  • What features you (or your loved one) expect out of a Bluetooth headset?
    • Do you need the headset to be able to handle conference calls?
    • Do you want the headset to drown out miscellaneous noise?
      • You’ll need to choose between a mono Bluetooth headset or a stereo Bluetooth headset in this case.
        • Mono headsets are more simplistic and traditional.
        • Stereo headsets will usually offer crisp, clear sound with the added ability to make calls.
    • Do you want the headset to be able to do both?
    • Do you prefer in-ear or over-ear headsets?
      • Some have the option to function both ways, but many are one-or-the-other, so read the descriptions carefully.
    • Do you want to be able to access everything your headset has to offer… hands-free?!
      • Some models will offer this option and some won’t; be sure to read the fine print if you want to live a life of luxury!
  • How long the battery on your model of interest is supposed to last?
  • How far away from the headset you can be (and it still work properly)?
  • That none of our suggested models may be ideal for you?
    • Everyone’s different. We understand that. We encourage you to do plenty of shopping around before you choose to take our word for something.
    • We do plenty of shopping around before we make our decisions, but we can’t create the “perfect” selection for absolutely everyone.
      • (And there’s no shame in that, either). We’re just here to help make your life a little easier so you don’t have to be completely lost when it comes to making the right selection for yourself.
  • How many devices does the headset need to connect to?
    • And does it have to be connected to more than one device in order to function properly? (Some do, believe it or not)!
    • Be sure to check whether or not the headset is compatible with your phone — some are exclusively for Apple users and some are exclusively for Android users.
      • Some do have the ability to cater to both platforms.
  • Does fashion matter to you just as much as the technology does?
    • If so, don’t settle for a device that (in your opinion) doesn’t look nice!
      • Doing this could make an otherwise positive experience a negative one. Our realities are, in part, based on our perception of the things around us.
      • We want as many positive additions to our lives as possible, right? Look for efficiency and coolness.
  • Whether or not the model you’re interested in can handle exercise, too?
    • Some of us like to walk and talk at the same time. (Or walk and listen).
      • Is the particular Bluetooth headset you’re drawn to capable of keeping up with you?
      • This is unimportant to many, but if you’re very active, you may wish to consider this question seriously.
        • Many over-the-ear headphones will be difficult to comfortably, seriously exercise with. (We feature mostly over-the-ear headsets in this post, but our information should help you anyway!)
        • If you’re interested in jogging or running while you talk or listen with a Bluetooth headset, you’ll probably find yourself facing many earbuds. (In-the-ear).
        • Don’t like the idea of committing to just one style? Some brands make models that combine the two features.

Top Ten Bluetooth Headsets:

Naztech N760BT

  • This Naztech headset works with most hardware that is Bluetooth compatible.
  • Don’t like using this on your right side? Flip the headphone 180 degrees and use it on your left ear!
    • This is even handy if you just get uncomfortable quickly and need to reposition constantly!
    • You can adjust the headpiece so you can be comfortable. (We weren’t all born with the same head size and shape, and that’s okay!)
  • If your job is driving, this would be good for calling home to check on your loved ones (while leaving the line open for your boss).
    • Why? because it’s lightweight and hands-free.
    • Sync it up with your phone (which should be quite simple). From that point, you should only have to hit one button to answer and disconnect phone calls.
      • When appropriately synced and set up, you should be able to use your voice to command your device.
  • If you’re a fan of wireless technology, you’ll be pleased to find that this is a wireless headset.
    • Average battery life is around twelve hours with constant use.
  • Worried you won’t be able to handle personal and work-related calls easily?
    • You can connect this headset with two devices at once.
  • It’s specially coated to help lessen the effects of sweat on your device.
  • Don’t worry about excess noise seeping into your listener’s ear; the microphone has noise cancellation technology!
  • Don’t forget about the two-year warranty you’ll receive with this purchase!

LG HBS-770

  • This new model of LG Tone Pro is one of our favorites!
  • If you’ve owned a previous model, don’t freak out when you notice how thin the wire is.
    • They really tried to maximize efficiency and decrease size and weight elsewhere.
      • LG wants everyone to know that these new, thin wires are made with Kevlar, so there’s nothing to worry about. (We don’t recommend fishing with these, though!)
  • You can walk a little over thirty feet away from your device before your connection will be lost.
  • If you’re not a fan of over-the-ear headsets, this is a great, behind-the-neck design.
    • The two ends will face your front.
      • You can pull the earbuds out of those ends and place them in your ears. The ends will be your microphones.
      • These newly-designed earbuds weigh less than previous models’ did and are much more comfortable for extended use.
  • Since this is a small, yet extremely efficient device, you won’t be surprised to find this model is equipped with dual MEMS microphones!
    • What in the world does that mean, you ask?
      • It means your conversations will be a lot clearer. Your voice won’t combine with the background noise into a hard-to-understand, dull roar. You’ll be heard, loud and clear!
    • With full battery life, expect to be able to talk for about sixteen hours with this headset.
  • All the excitement over how awesome the microphones are almost made us forget to tell you that you can listen to music with this headset, as well! (A feature plenty of Bluetooth headsets go without).
    • Wondering if these will live through the car ride home from your weekend trip?
      • Enjoy approximately ten hours of listening time!

Sennheiser 506041

  • The MB Pro 1 is an over-the-ear headset… but look at the cushioning!
    • It looks awesome and is comfortable.
      • The battery rests on the opposite side of the microphone — this helps keep the weight even on your head. (Say goodbye to headaches due to extra weight!)
  • In case you’re a young audiophile (that just means you’re really enthusiastic about high-quality sounds and the technology needed to hear the sounds), Sennheiser is known for meeting peoples’ sound-quality demands for a long time.
    • Unless you’re nearly impossible to impress, the noise-cancellation capabilities of this headset and microphone are unbelievable.
      • Can you believe some people use this headset (for professional phone calls) at the beach?! Successfully, too!
        • This microphone is simply overflowing with elegance! (We’re curious to know what it can’t do at this point!)
  • You may use this headset with two Bluetooth-friendly devices!
  • The time has been spent to ensure that it would be difficult for you to damage your own hearing with this headset.
    • (ActiveGuard technology is what you should thank for that — it can often be tempting to turn our volume levels too high).
  • You can move about eighty feet away from your device before the connection will begin to dropThat is pretty sweet.
    • For customer service representatives working from home, this could be perfect!
      • You could work and do chores at the same time, depending on your job requirements!
    • Also a great choice for those who drive for a living!
  • Do you have a lot of talking to do before you clock out? Don’t fret.
    • Comfortably talk, on average, for approximately fourteen hours before your battery dies.

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

  • Don’t wory about purchasing a dongle with this particular package!
    • If we failed to mention dongle, it’s just a word for what you’ll be plugging into your computer’s USB port.
      • The purpose of a dongle? To allow wireless connectivity between the headset and your computer!
        • Remember to disable Bluetooth if you don’t want your phone to lose an excessive amount of battery!
    • Anyway, this package is awesome. It comes with a USB adapter, covers for the earbuds, a carrying case (charging), standing charger, and the AC charger & cord.
      • Talk about a pretty great deal (around $160 or less, usually).
  • Type of platform doesn’t really matter with this headset; it can cater to many. (PC and Mac can connect to the Voyager Legend)!
  • If you aren’t wearing your headset, your phone calls should go to your phone; don’t worry about having to dart across the room.
    • Smart Sensor technology is the best!
      • It knows that if you’re not wearing your headset, you probably don’t want any calls to go there.
    • Voice-command capable.
  • You can talk for approximately seven hours before you’ll need to recharge your battery!

MEE audio Runaway (4.0)

  • What do we think is awesome about the Runaway headset?
    • It can be used with wires or without.
      • If you choose to use wires, you’ll have to settle for stereo audio, but it’s still a pretty cool option in case you don’t want to use batteries all the time.
      • The length of the wires, should you choose to use them, is approximately forty-eight inches.
  • A2DP is supported by this Bluetooth headset.
    • What’s A2DP?
      • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.
    • What is A2DP good for?
      • Sharing CD-quality music across devices without the aggravation and distraction of wires!
        • Yay, Bluetooth! The things we can do without wires! There are certainly very few of us who can’t appreciate the awesomeness that is Bluetooth these days.
  • Another cool thing is the fact that, unlike with most other BT headsets, your talk time and listening time are about the same.
    • How close are we talking? About fifteen hours of battery life during either task. Now, that is impressive!
    • Does it take half a day to charge? Absolutely not.
      • Expect to wait a mere two or three hours before your device is fully charged.
        • Two hours of charging in exchange for fifteen hours of talking? We’ll take it!
  • Need to walk around while you’re pitching a sale?
    • Walk up to thirty feet away from your device before you begin losing signal, on average.
  • This specific package should include a carrying case, which is super convenient.
    • Did we mention that these headphones can fold for storage? Sweet!
  • This item usually sells for less than $100 and includes the manufacturer’s one-year warranty!
    • Peace of mind: safe and sound.

MEE audio Air-Fi Touch

  • As with the previous MEE audio headset, the Air-Fi Touch can be used with or without wires.
    • In most cases, with primarily wireless devices, you’ll sacrifice your ability to complete calls by using the wires. If you’re interested in listening to music mostly, that shouldn’t be a big deal!
  • Are you a fan of using different audio codecs? This headset can support a few different kinds!
    • What are codecs?
      • It’s what’s used to compress and decompress audio files for streaming purposes!
    • Which ones are supported by this device?
      • AAC, aptX, & SBC.
    • A2DP profiles are supported, as well!
      • The Air-Fi Touch seems to be capable of many great things…
  • This is, by far, one of the most stylish headsets we’ve come across so far.
    • They’re big enough to be seen and to be efficient without being bulky! You could say we love this design.
    • Did we mention you can control playback and calls by swiping in a certain direction?
      • Everything must be set up properly, but you can enjoy the leisure of swiping controls instead of pressing buttons. How luxurious!
  • More often than not, you’ll get the best deal on these awesome headphones through Amazon; the current price of these is almost doubled on the manufacturer’s website!
  • You can play music or talk on the phone for a whole day straight with this headset. How crazy, yet awesome, is that?!
    • If you need something to keep up with your seriously busy lifestyle, this is a wonderful choice.
      • We’re tempted to buy ten with that amount of talking time!
    • Thinking the charging time is equally as long? Think again!
      • Most times, you should only have to wait about three hours for a full charge!
  • If you need to run to your mini fridge without occupying your hands, go ahead!
    • You can walk approximately thirty feet away before you lose connection.
  • This headset can fold for storage when you’re done with your work day.
    • Included with your purchase should be a hard carrying case and the manufacturer’s one year warranty!

Jabra SUPREME (Driver Edition)

  • Fasten your seatbelts, because the Jabra Supreme Driver Edition headset is about to take you for an awesome ride!
  • Worried you won’t be able to hear or be heard on such a small device?
    • Don’t worry so much. This device has three different technologies installed to help ensure a pleasantly clear call.
      • What are the special features called?
        • HD Voice, Noise Blackout, and Wind-Noise reduction.
        • Noise Blackout does its best to make sure your caller hears nothing other than your voice!
        • With Wind-Noise reduction, you can take a walk outside while you’re on the phone with a client! This Jabra knows what we want.
  • The arm that acts as the microphone “flips,” or rather, is able to be moved up and down.
    • The purpose of this? Ease of action! Do you want to hang up without trying to find the right button to push? Go for it — pull the lever up. Ready to talk? Pull it down. Pretty sweet (and simple), if you ask us!
  • With the app installed, this quickly becomes one of the best Bluetooth headsets of 2016!
    • It might not seem capable of very much at first glance, but download the app and it’ll be your new best friend. (Or maybe the friend who never leaves, but you love them deeply anyway — at least the headset won’t need any food!)
    • Listen to music, hear the directions to your destination spoken in your ear, command your device by voice, hear the name of the contact that’s calling you before you answer…
      • The list could go on and on, but we’re trying to tell you one thing: the Jabra Supreme is extreme!
  • You can swap ears for comfort.
    • Do you think you’ll have trouble figuring that out? (We were worried we’d break it, so we looked into it).
      • The manufacturer’s website has an awesome video demonstrating exactly how to prepare the Supreme for the position change! Now we’re kind of sad that hardly any of the other manufacturers made cool videos like that!
  • It’s compatible with Apple products, so have at it, folks!
  • You can enjoy a steady six hours of talk time on this device!
    • If you don’t use it all the time and leave it in standby mode for a while, you won’t have to worry about totally losing battery unless they sit for over two weeks!
  • You do have the option to use this as a traditional, headband-type device or to use it with only an ear hook. Nice.

Aluratek ABH04FB

  • This sleek little Bluetooth headset is compatible with many devices, including Apple!
    • It also works with many e-mail servers and messengers, if you enjoy using those to communicate.
      • Modern technology with the ability to keep it old school; well done!
  • You may engage in phone conversations or music playback with this headset.
    • The average battery life this device has is approximately eight hours of playback or twelve hours of talk time.
    • Forget to charge it? It’ll be okay for up to 260 hours (a little over ten days) if left in standby mode on a full battery.
  • While it’s not loaded down with the same anti-noise features as some of our other options, it is listed at a very fair price.
    • (We’re usually looking at less than $75).
    • The earpads conform to your ears, though, which should make up for anything it lacks! It feels nice having a material that hugs your ear rather than irritates it.
  • Did something come up, requiring your physical attention in a different location? You have a range of approximately thirty-three feet.
  • The manufacturer would like you to feel confident in your purchase, offering a one year warranty.
  • If you download the app, you can enjoy more features.
    • There are plenty of buttons if you don’t want to download it, though!
    • If you want to enjoy music playback, you’ll have to download the app! (You’ll have to with most headsets, be sure to check that out if you’re not okay with that).

Motorola H720

  • This Motorola Bluetooth headset is a simplistic, yet efficient, business partner!
    • It isn’t large in size, so it won’t weigh you down. (It’s a single, on-ear piece — no headbands necessary).
  • This device will usually cost you less than fifty dollars, which means there’s very little to complain about!
    • We should always consider the price of an object and the features associated with it. If not to look for the highest quality, at least to make sure we have all the features we need for the lowest price.
      • In choosing a cheaper model (especially with electronics), we must realize that not all technologies are capable of offering us high-quality product for a low price.
  • The newest model features noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology.
  • Don’t worry about fumbling with buttons trying to answer an important call with the H720.
    • RapidConnect technology has given you the power to answer your calls quickly. Just flip to answer, flip to end the call. Even if that could get simpler, it couldn’t get much sweeter!
    • You won’t be able to connect to multiple devices, either. If you think about it, though, you could purchase two of these for the price of one, compared to the other contenders for best Bluetooth headset of 2016. That doesn’t sound bad to us! Since they’re so little, it just makes sense!
  • Don’t worry about device compatibility with this Bluetooth headset… unless you don’t have Bluetooth on your phone, of course!
  • You can’t listen to music but you can talk for approximately eight hours before your battery drains!
    • To us, that’s pretty nice (especially for the price).
    • If you just let it chill, its battery should last for eleven days.
  • When you buy this device through Amazon, you can expect the wall charger, headset, and a guide to get you started. Again, not bad for what we’re paying!

Sony ZX770BT

  • The Sony ZX770BT is a headband-type Bluetooth headset.
    • Since this goes over your ear, you can appreciate the comfort of a soft earpad (or two).
    • Keeping your “noise” to yourself shouldn’t be hard, the padding keeps sound in quite nicely.
  • If you need to place any calls, you just need to push the phone button and you’ll be talking hands-free before you know it!
  • There’s no auxiliary port, so you can’t plug other cords into this Sony Bluetooth headset.
    • We don’t see this as a downfall (the headset is totally embracing Bluetooth), but we understand that many people like to have options and considered this an appropriate thing to point out.
    • You can still listen to music, though.
      • Thank the inventors of streaming technology for this! Bluetooth devices can receive and playback high-quality audio with ease.
      • Grab your handy, Bluetooth-friendly smartphone, computer, mp3 player, or whatever you like to stream from and sync it with the headset.
  • You will be able to recharge your battery when it dies, but it will take a few hours.
    • We recommend charging it a few hours before you go to bed. (It isn’t good to over-charge electronics — please don’t charge them overnight!)
    • If nothing else impresses you with this headset so far, perhaps the seventeen-hour battery life will!
      • If you don’t think you’ll need them for seventeen hours at a time, you can appreciate the fact that the standby life should approach three weeks! (It should come two days short of that).
        • If you don’t use them frequently, you can keep these on standby for 19 days. That sounds perfect for traveling if you ask us! (Especially if you’re riding in a car instead of on a plane; you might even be able to drive with these on, but check your local regulations first).
  • It’s equipped with Response Control technology to help avoid any possible distortion caused by excessive bass. (We all know how horrible the excessive vibrations are on our ears anyway — this isn’t meant to be a bad thing). This helps the speakers and your ears last a lot longer!
  • Want the warranty? Request it from customer service upon your purchase!

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Bluetooth Headsets

While all of these are wonderful for what they are, we’ve narrowed our own selection down to three choices. Everyone’s needs are different, but we chose the following for their versatility and efficiency. We were not disappointed with the price or the quality of the product.

  • Our third choice is the MB Pro 1. It promises comfort as well as quality for quite a reasonable price. This is small and efficient enough to talk calm walks and continue your business calls. Most people wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing it, thanks to its sleek design!
  • Our second choice is the Tone Pro. Battery life is around sixteen hours, which is sweet. The design is meant to be worn behind your neck for ultimate comfort and convenience. You won’t get a headband headache! If you’re willing to spend just a little more money, you can get a different color headset. We love this option. (That goes for many other models, but we love the blue ones of these a lot). When it comes to taking care of business, you can depend on the MEMS microphones to get you (comfortably) through just about any call!
  • Our top choice is the Air-Fi Touch. We absolutely love the price of these. They’re super stylish and have so many features our heads almost spun around! You can listen to music and talk on this headset. They’re flexible, portable, and covered by a one-year warranty. You had us at the low price and warranty, but the battery life is really awesome! (Twenty-four hours). All of that is what makes this contender unbeatable.

We’re so glad you chose to learn about the best Bluetooth headsets of 2016 with us! Now that you have all of this information, we wish you much luck in making your own decision. Research things before you commit to owning them, it’s the only way to go to battle ready! May you enjoy many hours of casual calls and music playback! Thank you!

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