Best Car Alarms

Best Car Alarms

Car alarms can be simplistic or luxurious. There are car alarms that simply make excessive noise and there are ones that do more to help prevent your car (or its items) from being stolen. Be sure to consider whether or not your car is compatible with these systems as we go over our list of favorites!

Brand/Model One-Way/Two-Way System Key Features Rating Preview & Purchase
Avital 3100LX One-way Starter kill
Keyless entry (2 remotes included)
LED status indicator
Optional dome light supervision
5.0 out of 5

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Scytek G777 Two-way Starter kill & impact sensor (option)
Keyless entry (2 remotes included)
1/2 mile range
Smartphone compatible
4.8 out of 5

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Python 5706P LC3 SST Two-way Remote start
2 remotes
Approximate 1 mile range
Smartphone compatible
4.5 out of 5

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Scytek GXY 5000RS-2W Two-way Keyless entry & remote start
2 remotes
Temperature sensor
4.4 out of 5

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Gravity G2SX One-way Keyless entry
2 remotes
Adjustable shock sensor (built-in)
4.3 out of 5

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AutoPage RS-730A Two-way Keyless entry & remote start
2 remotes
GPS-tracking compatible
4.2 out of 5

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Crimestopper SP-502 Two-way Keyless entry & remote start
2 remotes (1 rechargeable)
Range is approx. 1/2 mile
Twin data ports (Fortin & Ads modules)
4.1 out of 5

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Crimestopper SP-402 One-way (with the option to upgrade to two-way) Keyless entry & remote start
2 remotes
Shock sensor & starter kill options
4.0 out of 5

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K9 K9150DLA One-way Keyless entry
2 remotes
8 programmable features
3.9 out of 5

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Excalibur (AL1860EDPB) Two-way Keyless entry & remote start
2 remotes
Starter kill when armed
3.8 out of 5

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Before we get any further into our discussion, it’s important to understand that some anti-theft kits covered under warranty are voided by self-installation. Learn as much about these limitations as possible if a warranty is something you worry you’ll need.

It can be difficult to install many electronics, especially when it comes to installing them into automobiles. Unless you’ve done it before or are receiving help from an experienced person, we don’t recommend installing any of these yourself. Connecting the wrong wires can cause problems and you may cost yourself extra money. (You might also hurt yourself if any of them are live — please be cautious).

What Do Car Alarms Consist of?

Each car alarm is different and may contain different accessories or components. (Especially with the way technology rapidly changes). To get down to the basics, let’s look at what a standard car alarm kit would ideally contain.

The thing that pretty much functions as a brain in a system like this is called the control module. When the control module is triggered, the all-too-familiar anti-theft siren will blare. Often, you’ll have a remote to help control all the other functions. There will also usually be an antenna, which will help with your reception range.

In the past, it was almost unheard of to find a car alarm that would alert you if your car was crashed into or barely bumped into… most times, the siren would blare if someone was breaking into one of the windows or handles.

Now, it’s possible to set up surveillance along with your alarm system so you can catch hit-and-run accidents on camera! If it isn’t a hit-and-run you’re worried about but you are concerned about elemental damage, like hail, these types of alarms and surveillance systems may help make your insurance claims easier! (Features like that aren’t always standard so you may need to prepare to dish out a little extra cash).

Most car alarms will use a one-way or two-way system. The one-way systems command your alarm from your remote and that’s that. Two-way security systems are able to send and receive signals and information from your vehicle to your remote and vice versa.

When choosing a two-way system with smartphone compatibility, learn whether or not you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to use the app. You will have to pay extra for most features like this but if it’s within your budget, it’s totally worth it. When you go out of town and leave your vehicle behind, you could still see what’s going on while you’re away!

What Matters When Choosing Car Alarms? 

Of course, it’s mostly personal preference and budget-based but when selecting the right car alarm for yourself, there are a few other things that might matter a great deal.

When you’re buying a remote replacement or an entire car alarm system online, you’d be wise to investigate all the small details before you make your purchase.

Some systems don’t require much wiring and instead use a wireless connection or security system… but most of them require confusing wiring and a good grasp on what you’re doing (in case the instructions aren’t clear).

You may also come to find that plenty of options don’t give you the choice to request professional installation; you may end up having to take it to a professional and paying for their labor (if they’re willing).

Many professionals won’t mind helping you as long as you’re willing to pay, but don’t forget to see how much extra you’ll have to pay! (Some of these car alarms are pretty pricey themselves!)

If you don’t have power locks, you can usually install car alarms anyway… you’ll just need to remind yourself to lock all the doors yourself before setting your alarm!

  • Check the compatibility.
    • While slightly obvious, there are a few brands that are specifically made for certain vehicles.
    • Most systems can be wired and synced up with many types of vehicles but find out for sure!
    • There will be certain car alarms that require bypass modules and the like. Look out for things like this in case you don’t have any lying around. (There’s not much worse than getting the item you need and not having the appropriate accessories)!
  • What is your main concern for protection?
    • Do you want your entire car to be secure or are you looking to protect what’s inside your car a little more? Are you trying to protect yourself from the outside world while you’re in your vehicle? These are all possible reasons for wanting car alarms and security systems, choose what’s most important to you!
      • The most important reason for deciding on your ideal level of security is the final price. If you don’t want or need something elaborate, you’ll save loads of money by choosing a simpler route. Otherwise, we think it’s (almost always) better to be “too safe” rather than sorry!
  • One-way or two-way alarm?
    • After having considered the above information, it should be fairly easy to decide which type will work best for your situation. Do you just want to be able to push a button or do you want to see and control more?
    • It’s pretty important to point out that some of the kits will have one 2-way remote and one 1-way remote instead of two of the same kind. Some may have one remote or none at all!
  •  What kind of neighborhood do you live in? Do you work or go to school in a shady area? Most of us have trained ourselves to keep our cars locked (more as a precaution than a necessity)… but sometimes we get in a rush and forget.
    • Perhaps you left a few groceries in your car and forget about them until later. It’s wonderful having the option to lock your doors from the comfort of your couch (with certain smart technology)!
  • Do you want or have the option for keyless entry or remote start?
    • Many modern car alarms will provide keyless entry — you’ll push a button to unlock your doors instead of inserting your key into the door.
    • On cold days, it’s oh-so-wonderful to be able to press a button as you walk outside to start your car and let it warm up. If you’ve been considering upgrading to a remote-start vehicle, you’ll be pleased to learn that many alarm kits with remote start end up costing a little less than doing one or the other first.
  • What kind of remote would you like?
    • Do you want one that displays your car’s image and its safety or one that just features a few buttons and sensors? Your options are almost limitless!
    • With two-way systems, you’re likely to see remotes with LCD screens or flashing LED lights and sounds.
      • The best part about two-way car alarms is their efficiency. It makes it a little less scary (in new areas) knowing you can control more with these systems.
    • Some security systems are even smartphone compatible, making you able to keep an eye on your vehicle at all times (or just when you need to).
    • Do you plan on giving one remote to someone else since many kits come with more than one remote? See if the model you’re interested in can function with multiple vehicles.
  • What is the operating range like?
    • An irrelevant point to some but critical information to others. If you want to be able to control your car’s security from afar, you’ll benefit from trying to figure out the range.
    • As soon as you get it installed, test the range out for yourself. Keep in mind that buildings and heavily-populated or industrialized areas might interfere with range. When conditions are ideal, the car alarm you choose should meet your expectations.
  • Do you want or need any additional features?
    • Do you have an awesome GPS on your dash or a cool radio that you don’t want anyone touching? See if the kit you’re interested in offers any additional protection for items like that.
  • If anything were to happen (not that we hope anything will!), would you be able to get the problem fixed locally?
    • Sometimes things malfunction. That means they need fixing. Not all of us are able to do these things ourselves so it’s nice when someone nearby can. This isn’t a major concern for most because many times, as long as you’re willing to pay shipping and handling, issues can be fixed online.
  • Does the brand name matter to you?
    • If you’re already fond of a certain brand for particular reasons, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a car alarm system out from them. If names don’t mean anything to you, look into everything else that does matter to you!
  • Does the kit come with the appropriate wiring?
    • Some do, some don’t. It’s as simple as finding out!
  • If sirens are important to you…
    • See what your options are. Some models of car alarms offer different tones and sounds. Some offer silent alarms. Some don’t have a siren at all, though they offer two-way control otherwise.

We could write a short novel about the different accessories and features available for all the car alarms in the world but we suggest looking into specific features you desire instead! (We’d never get around to discussing our options otherwise)!

  • Several alarm systems can include trunk-opening features as well!
  • Proximity sensors are cool as well (if you missed our information on them above)! These usually startle people nearing your vehicle with a little noise.
    • If you live in a busy, downtown area, one of those sensors could keep many unwanted fingerprints off of your precious vehicle!
  • Impact sensors are also awesome but they might be a little over-the-top for some… if the wind happens to blow too hard or someone lets the bass drop a little too loudly, the sensors could go crazy. This can be true for proximity sensors on occasion, but impact sensors seem to be a bit more… sensitive right now!

There’s so much more we could discuss but the best advice we can give each and every one of you is to look into all sorts of options before deciding on one. That being said, let’s take a look at our favorite car alarms. We’ll talk about their features and security purposes right below!

Car Alarms That Make Us Feel Safe

As a (redundant) reminder, if you aren’t familiar with electronics, please request assistance when dealing with items like these. It might seem easy (sometimes it actually is) but a little help couldn’t hurt. We’re not saying you’ll always need a professional (if you don’t care about warranties), we just want you to be able to get the most out of your car alarms!

Speaking of professionals, we hope you realize that, while many times we will include costly, yet efficient, items on our lists, our main concern is your happiness. We could list car alarms that cost an arm and a leg but that wouldn’t help any of us out, really. That does not, in any way, mean high-dollar car alarms are no good. We just know what it’s like to work with a budget. If you know of better brands that you’re willing to spend more money on, we hope we help (at least a little) in making your decision easier!

Installation can sometimes be tricky. Be prepared to use your researching and resourcing skills on occasion. When product instructions are hard to understand or simply lacking in depth, a quick Internet search should be able to help solve your problem (if a friend can’t).

Avital 3100LX
best car alarms

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  • This Avital is an awesome deal for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a lot!
    • It’s simplistic but it isn’t too dumbed down. It is a one-way security system.
    • If you don’t want to deal with installation yourself, you can purchase assistance and you shouldn’t spend close to four hundred dollars!
    • It is pretty easy to install for most… but there’s no shame in asking for help!
  • A simple registration and request will allow you access to the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can open your trunk as well as locking or unlocking your doors with a pretty small fob for your keychain.
  • Everything altogether shouldn’t weigh more than 3 pounds. You won’t have to hold it in your hands for very long, anyway!
  • You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the remotes nearby if yours happen to die over time.
    • The LED indicator is bright red so it’s easy to tell the status.
    • It does have the starter kill feature many of us desire.
    • It can be synced to make the parking lights flash.
  • This is not a remote start car alarm but it does feature keyless entry, which is a nice plus for those of us still unlocking our doors with our keys.
  • If we’ve forgotten to mention how inexpensive this security system is… it’s pretty dang cheap!

Scytek G777
best car alarms scytek g777
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  • For the bundle you’ll be getting, the G777 is a bargain.
    • One major plus is the fact that is has a 3k ft range. (That equals about half a mile).
  • Included with this purchase should be two remote controls. These remotes can be programmed to give you keyless entry!
    • One remote will be a full two-way device with an LCD screen and 5 buttons.
    • The other remote looks more like a regular key fob with 5 buttons (so you still have a lot of control, you just can’t see as much).
  • For anyone who is tech-savvy, you’ll be pleased to know you can program the override switch and the LED on the antenna! Nothing quite as sweet as full functionality and customization!
    • You can program the parking light relay.
    • Wanting a dual zone impact sensor? Plug it in!
    • You can use this with two vehicles.
    • The siren has 6 different tones.
    • You can even select to have your doors automatically lock and unlock as the ignition turns.
    • You can sync this car alarm system with your smartphone.
    • With extra effort, you can enjoy remote start features.
    • There’s an output for a starter kill option. You just have to know how to get it all wired up!
      • If you do know what you’re doing, this should be easy as pie to set up!
  • The manual, which is available online, is extremely detailed and helpful.
  • If you want a warranty, you may request one upon purchase of this product.

Python 5706P LC3 SST
best car alarms python lc3
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  • The Python 5706P isn’t quite as cheap as our first two options were but it’s more affordable than many other kits. Don’t worry, it’s worth the money.
    • You’ll receive a 5-button (one-way) remote control as a companion to your main one.
    • The main remote is a two-way control with an LCD screen and remote start.
      • When you need confirmation that action has been taken from this remote, you can choose to be notified by icons, text, tones, or vibration.
  • The range on this car alarm is impressive, reaching upwards of one whole mile in the right environment.
    • Even the remote start option usually works from that range!
    • It’s fair to mention that this company is pretty proud of its efforts to ensure nearly all models have a one-mile range. Even in busy towns, the range is pretty decent.
  • You’ll need a 12V battery.
  • Want to be able to control your car’s security from your phone? No worries, with the right app, you can sync your phone and your system.
  • There’s a limited lifetime warranty on this product!
  • If features, add-ons, and accessories are something you’re interested in, there are plenty of available items on the market!
    • Upon using some of those features, you can see your car’s temperature, defrost your windows, warn people too-close-for-comfort with a proximity sensor, and experience window modulation (if you haven’t gotten to yet)! Most of these features are able to be done with one of the remotes, too!
      • Window modules allow you to roll up or down with the locking or unlocking of your vehicle!

Scytek GXY 5000RS-2W
best car alarms gxy
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  • As we’ve learned, Scytek tends to offer affordable anti-theft car alarms in more than one model.
    • The GXY 5000RS model is a complete two-way car alarm.
    • The main remote features an LCD screen (with five buttons) and the companion remote has five functional buttons.
  • Want to know the temperature of your vehicle before you get in? The temperature sensor should please you… don’t forget, you can enjoy remote start with this model as well!
  • Needing a bypass module because you’re so interested in this car alarm? There’s a data port plug-in.
    • It also doesn’t matter whether you drive a diesel or gas-guzzling car. Both are compatible with this car alarm.
  • With and without add-ons, you can enjoy many convenient features with this Scytek and many of their updated models.
    • You can program your parking light relay and the antenna LED.
    • Running late most mornings? There’s a built-in clock with an auto-start feature. Just don’t forget to turn off that wake-up call if you’re off that day!
    • Power locks, true RPM sensing, an impact/proximity sensor, and so much more are at your fingertips with this security system.

Gravity G2SX

best car alarms g2sxgravity
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  • For a fair price, the G2SX is a great deal. It’s not a fancy, two-way system but it does have some nice features.
  • Since it’s a plug-in like most of our other options (though almost all require wiring), you have the ability to program the doors to lock, unlock, and a trunk release.
  • It can be set on “valet mode” in case you have to hand your keys off.
  • It has a shock sensor (external) built-in but the sensitivity is adjustable… big plus in our eyes!
    • As we’ve mentioned before, proximity and shock sensors can be too sensitive at times. It’s nice to be able to adjust the level of sensitivity with this.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is available upon request.
  • Considering the price and its ability to work with older cars, we love this deal. We’re going to keep checking on the updated models to see how much potential they have, too!
  • The main issue for some of us was understanding the directions. After re-reading them, most of us understood them and the diagram… but we can see how that might frustrate someone and encourage them to take it to a professional.
    • Since it isn’t an extravagant system, the labor shouldn’t be too expensive if you do need help!

AutoPage RS-730A
best car alarms autopage
For more information, click here!

  • The AutoPage RS-730A is a four-channel, two-way car alarm system.
    • You can both enjoy and experience keyless entry and remote start with this bundle.
  • The paging transceiver has an LCD screen with 7 color options.
    • Not only can it be beautiful but it can be efficient too — its range is fairly impressive and it’s programmed to reject false signals.
      • You can use the window mount if you want even more range.
  • It can be upgraded with a third relay ignition.
    • There are four other relays onboard for accessories, ignition, lights, and starters.
  • This AutoPage has a shock sensor and GPS tracking features. These are add-ons but they’re pretty worth it.
    • You can pre-set a geographical boundary, meaning you can select an area on a local map that you frequent. If your vehicle travels outside of that location, you can be notified immediately.
  • Worried your car will be too cold or too hot when you get in?
    • The LCD transmitter should be able to help you with either one of those situations as well as keeping your car secure until you’re in it.
  • If a warranty is a major concern of yours, you may request it upon your purchase. For this product, it’s typically a limited, one-year warranty.

Crimestopper SP-502
best car alarms sp502

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  • The SP-502 is a sweet deal. It’s a two-way car alarm system with a rechargeable remote.
    • If you haven’t noticed by now, there are plenty of kits that have remotes that are powered by disposable batteries. If you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly, a model like this might be appealing.
  • You’ll receive two remote controls.
    • The first one will have an LCD screen with a real-time page-back with updates on alarm triggers with graphics. It can be recharged with a USB cable and wall charger.
    • The second control features five buttons but no page-back options.
  • Don’t worry about range too much with this Crimestopper; in ideal conditions, your car will be secure over half a mile away from you and your remote!
  • There is a starter kill output on this car alarm system. Get that set up quickly!
    • The siren is one of the loudest we’ve come across so far powered by 25W.
  • When you buy this item, you can request the warranty.
  • When it’s wintertime and it’s cold enough to worry about keeping your car alive, you can rest easy with the option to automatically start your vehicle and let it warm up for a few minutes and shut itself off.

Crimestopper SP-402
best car alarms crimestopper
For more information, click here!

  • To be fair, this isn’t one of the newest models on the market… but the price is right!
    • It is technically a one-way car alarm with keyless entry and remote start features. You can upgrade this to a two-way system by buying an antenna and a two-way pager!
  • The remotes both have five buttons.
  • There are twin data ports and an interface port for smartphone compatibility.
    • If you upgrade this system you can enjoy audio and visual security as well as accessing intrusion alerts.
  • The range for this Crimestopper isn’t nearly as impressive as the previous model. But for its simplicity and lack of upgrades or features, we’re not complaining. We still think it’s pretty cool that it can be upgraded (easily) into a two-way system.
  • There isn’t much that sets this apart from some of the others on our list but it is programmable, to an extent, so it was worthy of making our cut.
  • By the way, you can enjoy the engine disable feature if something does happen (which we hope it doesn’t)… and you can also easily purchase installation through our seller so you don’t have to fiddle with anything!

K9 K9150DLA
best car alarms k9
For more information, click here!

  • We like the Omega K9 car alarm because the manufacturer’s website clearly displays what each color wire is meant for.
    • It doesn’t hurt that this is quite affordable, either.
    • Since it’s so affordable, you should know that it is only a one-way system.
      • There are two remotes with programmable features… but no fancy LCD pager/remote to play with.
  • Anyone just getting acquainted with car alarms or security systems would surely be pleased with a purchase like this.
    • These kinds of car alarms (generally) work very well with older model vehicles and have loud sirens and horns!
    • Even if you can’t tell your (imaginary) pager to kill the engine, you can probably hear the alarm going off on this system a great distance away.
  • You can activate or deactivate some of the following with the DIP switches:
    • Open-door anti-carjacking,
    • Automatic re-arming,
    • Last door arm & lock,
    • Siren + horn or only horn,
    • Auto-lock when the ignition is on.
  • You’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty on the most important part and a one-year warranty on the remotes (so long as you follow the proper guidelines)!

Excalibur (AL1860EDPB)
best car alarms excalibur
For more information, click here!

  • For a deluxe car alarm kit, Excalibur is up-and-coming in popularity. Rest assured, though, because Excalibur has been around for a few decades.
    • For the price, it’s hard to find a comparable, deluxe security set.
  • This particular model is a two-way system letting you enter your car without keys and start your ignition with a remote! (Man, how cool is it to be living in this age?)
  • There are two remotes with this Excalibur.
    • The remote control with an LCD display features five (backlit) buttons. On top of having a cool screen with multiple buttons, you’ll be able to receive real-time alerts!
    • The extra remote has four buttons.
  • When it comes to convenience at an affordable price, you’re not sacrificing much at all with this!
    • There are up to four different aux outputs, a turbo timer, parking & remote-start timers, a starter kill switch, and dual data ports.
    • It can tell when the temperature is low and initiate a low-voltage automatic start.
    • Trunk release and panic & valet mode are accessible.
  • When installed by a professional, you can rest easy with a one-year warranty.
  • It doesn’t matter if you drive a regular car, a diesel, or a manual transmission vehicle — the Excalibur was designed to protect all!
  • You will need batteries to keep these items charged.

When it Comes Down to it:

We like things that are affordable and efficient. There will be times that we mention mostly, or even only, prestigious products. This is, fortunately, one of the rare occasions that we felt comfortable listing products that didn’t vary greatly in price.

Security is a serious issue, especially when a lot of your time is spent traveling or relying on the safety of your vehicle and its contents. Everyone should be able to start somewhere with a product like this and our recommendation, if you happen to hate all of our choices, is to keep searching until you find your perfect match.

For us, it was hard to decide on our top 3 choices… but here we go, and we’ll be sure to discuss why they’re our absolute favorites as we go!

  1. The Scytek G777 is our favorite. We like Scytek’s use of multiple siren tones. If you plan on getting a professional to install this, we suggest getting them to give you the works! When wired and set up for use (at its full potential), the G777 offers plenty of customizable options. If you can handle the wiring and programming yourself, you’ll have a lot of fun setting this security system up! It’s smartphone-compatible and impressively affordable too, which we love.
  2. The Python 5706P comes next. Though not as affordable as the G777, the 5706P has more range than any of our other choices. If you live in a large city or frequently park in areas that signal interference is a problem in, this car alarm is the best choice. Even the secondary remote has a range of about a mile! For a bit more money, you’ll feel like you’re living a life of luxury as well as security when you choose this model.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, the Excalibur made the cut. It’s so ridiculously affordable that we couldn’t shrug it off and leave it at the bottom of our list of ten. Though many consumer reviews vary, our own experiences with it went well. If you didn’t catch it before, the Excalibur is also a two-way system. Despite its inexpensive qualities, it’s (in our opinion) the best starter kit currently on the market. If you can’t tell whether or not your vehicle is compatible with other models, it’d be a surprise if it wasn’t compatible with this system. Before we quit raving about how much we love this car alarm, let us remind you that it does have a starter kill switch.

Obviously, there are different car alarms for everyone. Don’t settle for one of ours just because we can’t stop raving about them! If you have an extremely expensive vehicle that needs impeccable security features, you should obviously keep looking until you find your perfect match. As a reminder, this list was made with everyone in mind that might not have considered adding security to their vehicle before now.

It is kind of hard to be too safe these days. Thank you for learning about car alarms and some of their features with us! We look forward to your feedback, as always. Shop smart and stay safe, today and always!

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