Best Carpet Cleaners

Best Carpet Cleaners

Are you looking for the best carpet cleaners due to an emergency or because you’re planning ahead? We hope you’re looking due to the latter of the two reasons! Either way, we’ve got plenty of information on carpet cleaners for you.
Brand/Model Warranty Tank Capacity Key Features Ratings Preview & Purchase
Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Limited; 5 years 1.75 gallons DirtLifter PowerBrush; 25 ft cord; 9 ft hose; Carrying handle; Stain tool 4.8 out of 5
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Bissell 15651 Limited; 3 years .75 gallons Pet-targeted; 2-in-1; Odor-blocking formula (included); Heatwave Technology; EasyFill; Lightweight; Crevice spraying tool 4.7 out of 5
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Hoover FH50150 Limited; 2 years 1 gallon Dual tank system; Heating technology; SpinBrush; Crevice tool; Dual V suction; Four handles; Wash/Rinse option 4.4 out of 5
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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack Limited; 5 years ~3 gallons Heavy-duty; Pet-targeted; Handheld accessory; Tough-built 4.5 out of 5
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Bissell 1400B Limited; 1 year 48 ounces Small/Portable; Eco-friendly; Sprays and has suction; Stain tool 4.4 out of 5
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Bissell 33N8A Limited; 1 year 32 ounces Hands-free; Brush on/off option; Stain tool; Preset cycles; DeepReach Technology 4.2 out of 5
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McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Limited; 1 year 64 ounces Multi-purpose steam cleaner; Steam control; 2-hour use; 23 accessories (carpet cleaning extensions included) 3.8 out of 5
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Steamfast SF-370WH 1 year 45 ounces Multi-purpose steam cleaner; Lightweight; Low heating time; Small in size 4.1 out of 5
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Ivation Deluxe Limited; 2 years ~47 ounces Multi-purpose steam cleaning; 18 accessories; Wheels for ergonomic ease; Indicator lights; Handles 3.4 out of 5
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Bissell 1623 Limited; 1 year .75 gallons PowerBrush; Lightweight; Stain tool; 2-in-1 tank 4.4 out of 5
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Reasons You Might Need a Carpet Cleaner

Clueless as to how a carpet cleaner could change your life? Don’t know the difference between a regular vacuum and a carpet cleaner? No worries!

Unlike vacuums, carpet cleaners are meant to deep clean. That’s the simplest way to put it. Unfortunately, you can’t just plug and play with these beasts. Deep cleaning is achieved by solution (and water, usually) application and extraction.

In other words, carpet cleaners get your carpets wet and should also be able to (effectively) remove that applied moisture!

You should know that there are powders you can sprinkle and sprays you can spray on carpets before you vacuum… but they don’t always pack the power you’ll probably, one day, need.

They’re starting to sound pretty awesome, aren’t they? Some of the most common reasons for needing one are:

  • if you have pets. Pets have fur and paws — things known to leave trails behind. We love them, and we know they don’t mean to, but pets can make a bit of a mess. You won’t have to sob hysterically if your dog gets out in the rain anymore if you invest in one of the best carpet cleaners of 2016! Most of these should be powerful enough to take care of mud, no problem. Let them go play in that puddle (if it isn’t cold out)!
  • if you have allergies. This could go in the pet category, but sometimes we track in pollen and allergens on our own. Or we could be scared to open our own windows on a sunny day, for fear of debris blowing in and wreaking havoc. Springtime hits me hard, personally, and with a shaggy, decorative rug, carpet cleaners have saved my sinuses!
  • if you have children. Don’t worry about the consequences of letting them be creative with one of these. While it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and protect the area, if you have a carpet cleaner, you won’t need to break a sweat every time they pull out the paint set! Let them let their inner Picasso out and pull your carpet cleaner out.
  • if you want to save your carpet from any other spills, spots, and such. Sometimes friends and family come over, have a good time, and spill things. Sometimes we spill things (maybe many times). Sometimes weird spots show up and washcloths don’t solve the problem.

Spotless carpets don’t always come easy. Some carpets need a lot of help and standard cleaners just won’t do, either. It never hurts to consider all the reasons you currently and could possibly need one before you buy one. Want to know what also doesn’t hurt? Checking out the carpet cleaner’s features.

What to Look for in the Best Carpet Cleaners

  • Size. If you need lightweight, don’t accidentally purchase a 50lb cleaner! The bigger they are, the more they can do, more often than not.
    • While you’re checking the size of the cleaner, check the tank size. The bigger, the better if you don’t want to take any breaks. But the overall weight of it is usually affected, so keep that in mind.
  • Functions. 
    • What kind of brush does it have (or does it even have one)? If you have tall carpets, you’ll want a pretty powerful brush on that baby!
    • Can it work on hard surfaces? Some cleaners offer this feature with an attachment.
    • How long is the cord?
    • How long is the hose, if it has one?
    • Is it attachment capable?
  • Power and performance. You really don’t want to purchase a cleaner that can’t suck back up all the moisture it puts out. Some of the cheaper, or less durable, models may have a harder time drying where it cleans. It won’t be the end of the world, so long as the carpet can air dry. There might be a little mess left behind, too, so you may have to let it rest and use it again!
    • Is it mobile? Can you move it around easily or use it on stairs?
    • How wide of an area can it clean at once?
    • Does it clean in two directions, or do you have to be more patient with it?
  • Warranties. If you have the tendency to worry about things, warranties are good friends to have.
    • Something to remember, though, is that you could void the warranty easily.
      • One of the easiest ways to void a warranty is by using a solution mixture other than what the manufacturers recommend.
  • Price. Don’t buy an industrial cleaner just for the sake of having it if you can’t afford it. If you have a very small space, you won’t necessarily need the biggest, most expensive cleaner!

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you. They come at a pretty hefty cost, though, so unless you can afford to hire one every time your beautiful upholstery gets a spot, a cleaner isn’t a bad choice.

You could also rent one from a nearby location. Not only would you be spending money each time you needed to clean your carpets, but you’d also have to haul it to and from the renter’s location! This simply won’t do for many of us. It’s much more cost and time efficient to purchase a carpet cleaner of your own.

There’s nothing wrong with window shopping in your area, either. If you want to go see some in person, then do so! If you don’t buy one then, you’ll at least have a better idea of what to expect on your doorstep, should you purchase one online.

Our Top 10 Carpet Cleaner Choices

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q

  • The Bissell Big Green is a professional grade machine. It’s a little pricy, in the eyes of some, but it promises a lot of power.
  • It is equipped with power brushes (DirtLifter), so less dirt is likely to escape from it.
    • You can clean nearly eleven inches worth of carpet at once. The cleaning path is measured in width.
  • Bissell includes a stain tool with this model. (This could be ideal for spills like wine or barbecue sauce).
    • Your first bottle of formula is also included with your purchase — 24 ounces of it.
    • The hose that comes with the Big Green is nine feet in length.
  • The manufacturer’s website is so confident about this product that they say it works better than rentals and tools professionals use!
    • Did you notice the 5-year warranty, too? You need to use the recommended formulas to ensure the warranty stays good.
  • You can move both backward and forward with this carpet cleaner.
    • The amount of time your carpet has to dry is cut down significantly by this factor.
  • Though it weighs a little over fifty pounds full, it’s maneuverable. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over on you at that weight, at least.
    • The power cord reaches twenty-five feet in length!
    • The tank can hold a bit under two gallons of fluid.
  • There are no heat features or surround suction with this model. That’s okay, you don’t have to have those!
    • It is a little unfortunate that it doesn’t come with edge sweep brushes, but that’s probably going overboard anyway! (It just makes cleaning around baseboards a little less difficult).

Bissell 15651

  • The Bissell 15651 is ideal for pet owners!
    • The formula, which is included with your purchase, helps make foul pet odors disappear.
  • PowerBrush equipped, it’s capable of many great things!
    • It has surround suction features with the ability to clear a twelve-inch path.
  • This model is a two-in-one, meaning it has a portable cleaner. It’s still super powerful, even though it’s portable.
    • This makes cleaning pet messes easy on you and your carpet or upholstery!
      • Not only that, but you can easily clean your car out with the portable part!
    • It comes equipped with a tool to spray crevices, too! It isn’t a wimpy device, the spray is pressurized! How awesome is that?! That’s great for anyone who’s had to deal with unfortunate cat-related mishaps or food and drink splatters in tight areas.
  • This carpet cleaner has a twenty-two-foot power cord.
    • It can weigh up to thirty pounds with a full tank. That’s ridiculously lightweight for something of this capacity! Sweet!
  • The ProHeat LiftOff Pet Carpet Cleaner has Heatwave technology. That keeps everything running smoothly for longer periods of time.
    • There’s no extra heater anywhere. Not a complaint, coming from any of us!
  • You’re backed by a limited, three-year warranty with Bissell.

Hoover FH50150

  • The Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe is a powerful, affordable, best-selling carpet cleaner!
    • It’s usually less than $300 and packs some serious heat… literally!
      • It comes with an upholstery and stair accessory (eight feet long),
      • a crevice tool,
      • a storage bag,
      • and some solution.
  • Even though it’s powerful, it isn’t unmoveable!
    • It weighs less than twenty pounds and has four handles, for easier maneuverability.
    • The power cord is twenty feet long.
  • You’ll be able to deep-clean thirteen inches of carpet in one movement.
  • This machine has a mixing system of its own for the solution you’ll be using.
    • It also has an efficient system for keeping clean and dirty water apart from each other.
    • You can choose between wash and rinse, too. That’s helpful in avoiding leaving a weird, sudsy dampness behind.
  • This is a really great deal for everything it offers.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

  • This Rug Doctor is built for serious deep cleaning needs. For its super-capacity, it’s insanely affordable! If you have a large home with a lot of carpeting, you could really benefit from this. Keep it in mind!
    • This is a bundle geared towards pet owners.
      • The Mighty Pro X3 comes with:
        • Pet Formula and Urine Eliminator
        • plus an upholstery and stair tool.
  • While empty, this machine weighs less than twenty pounds; when full, it can weigh a little over fifty pounds.
    • You can move it easily because it has wheels!
    • Though it can carry a lot of weight, it doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space.
    • You can adjust the handle from ~32 inches to ~36 inches.
  • This has a dual tank feature, meaning you won’t be combining dirty and clean water during use.
  • Unlike some of the more delicate models, the Mighty Pro X3 can handle a bit of a beating. That doesn’t mean you should hit it with a frying pan, but it can take on quite a load!
    • Many carpets will be extraordinarily clean after only one passing.
    • This doesn’t mean the Rug Doctor cleans both forward and backward, though, and it doesn’t.
  • The power cord is about twenty-eight feet in length.

Bissell 1400B

  • This Little Green is a nice change compared to the bigger machines we’ve been focusing on.
    • It’s little, just like its name implies. That means it can only hold a small amount of water. But that also makes it conveniently portable.
      • It can hold almost fifty ounces of water.
    • It weighs less than fifteen pounds.
  • The power cord reaches fifteen feet in length.
  • If you don’t want to spend a fortune and mostly just want to spot clean or be able to deep clean your car’s upholstery (easily), this is a wonderful investment!
    • You’re covered by a limited, one-year warranty.

Bissell 33N8A (Spotbot)

  • If you’ve been on the hunt for a hands-free carpet cleaner, you can call it off now. The SpotBot Pet will be sure to please!
    • This SpotBot is worthy of your money because, not only do you not have to control it, but you are making a ten dollar donation to Bissell’s Pet Foundation.
    • If you’re worried this will cost you a fortune, think again! You won’t even come close to spending $400 on this convenient cleaner!
  • If you do want to get a little hands-on, you can use the hose and attachment.
    • Perfect for cleaning your car!
  • This SpotBot can tackle pet stains and odors with a preset cycle!
    • You choose the cycle and can get back to whatever task you were doing before “the situation” arose.
  • DeepReach Technology doesn’t stand for simply shining the surface. It works its way up from the bottom!
  • Antimicrobial protection is built directly into some of the key components in order to help deter and prevent putrid smells and stains.
  • It weighs close to twenty pounds when its tank is full.
    • The power cord is about sixteen feet long.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe

  • You may be wondering why this is on the list for best carpet cleaners. You’ll be delighted to know that we selected the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe package because it is extraordinarily versatile.
    • You will receive 23 extensions with your purchase. This is mainly a steam cleaner for sealed surfaces, but the accessories allow for carpet cleaning!
      • This makes this a quintessential investment for multi-surfaced homes.
      • For less than $400, you can deep clean your entire home (bathroom and all).
  • The power cord is eighteen feet in length.
    • Empty, it weighs less than fifteen pounds and can easily be used outside of the home!
    • You can store up to 64 ounces of water in this steamer!
  • The warranty life for the MC1385 is one year.
  • Unlike the normal carpet cleaners we’ve suggested, this heats water to higher than 200 degrees Fahrenheit! It takes about twelve minutes to get this hot, so be patient.
    • Haven’t been able to get your kitchen floors perfect? Now you can, and then you can spot clean your carpet!
  • If you need to steam clean for two hours, you can, with this canister system!

Steamfast SF-370WH

  • As well as the McCulloch, this is a multi-purpose steam cleaning tool.
    • Steam cleaners are great options for people who aren’t too fond of chemical use within their homes.
    • While it is meant primarily for flat, sealed surfaces or non-fabric surfaces, the nylon brush extensions that come with it allow you to clean your carpet very well.
      • The brass utility brush lets you clean metal cooking appliances!
    • Tough spots and stains have a hard time resisting high temperatures, and that’s exactly what steam provides.
    • Your entire house could benefit from this machine, since you can use it to clean your bathroom and kitchen, also!
  • The steam won’t be as continuous as the McCulloch model, but it’s still impressive, giving us 45 minutes of sweet steam!
    • You only have to wait about eight minutes for it to warm up enough to use.
    • The tank can hold about forty-five ounces of water.
  • The power cord is a little more than fifteen feet long.
    • The hose reaches over six feet long with the handle attached!
  • It comes with fifteen accessories!
  • Control the amount of steam you create with a simple-to-use trigger.
  • Under $300, this is a pretty sweet, portable, steam cleaning deal.

Ivation Deluxe

  • The last multi-purpose steam cleaner on our list, this is a pleasantly cheap, yet practical purchase.
    • It’s lightweight and portable, it even has wheels and a handle, too!
  • This comes with 18 attachments, nylon brushes included in them.
    • Take this all over the house to clean it of any harmful germs or bacteria!
      • This is a cleaner known to help rid homes of bedbugs and other bad things with ease!
  • The steam flows for about forty minutes.
    • You need only wait around seven minutes before it’s ready to use.
  • Rest easy. Though inexpensive as it is, you’re covered by a two-year warranty.

Bissell 1623

  • We close out our list with another upright carpet cleaner known as the PowerSteamer.
    • It’s powerful and affordable, usually costing less than $250.
  • While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the other options do, it can soak, scrub, and suck the moisture and dirt right out of your carpet and upholstery!
    • It doesn’t have heated anything, nor extra suction features.
    • It has a dual tank system, so you can keep track of dirty and clean water with ease.
    • While empty, the PowerSteamer weighs less than twenty pounds!
  • This particular model does include an eight-ounce bottle of manufacturer-recommended formula!
  • As with many of the other Bissell models, this includes a stain tool for your problem areas.
  • For smaller and medium-sized rooms, this is perfect, cleaning almost eleven inches of carpet at a time.
    • The hose measures approximately seven feet in length.
  • There’s a limited, one-year warranty on this Bissell model, so rest assured upon purchasing it.

It’s imperative that you search the details of a certain model’s warranty before you begin assembly, cleaning, or repairs. Anything you do could possibly void the warranty, and if you’re spending a lot of money, you want that warranty to be there in case anything goes wrong! (Which it shouldn’t, but freak accidents do happen)!

Still not sure which carpet cleaner would work best for you and your specific requirements? We’ll narrow it down for you based on what we think are the most practical and efficient machines.

Bissell Creates Great Carpet Cleaners

They may have a little trouble developing some other appliances, but Bissell has created the best carpet cleaners around this year! Just look at how many made it to our list! When it comes to finding better quality, it will be hard to beat a Bissell cleaner.

The Big Green and the SpotBot are going to be your best bets if you don’t have specific demands to meet. If you want as little hands-on time as possible, pick the SpotBot. If you want hands-on efficiency, choose the Big Green.

If You Need a Lot of Help…

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is where it’s at. If you decide to make this purchase, you’ll probably never have to hire a professional again! Rug Doctors are known to pack a mighty punch, but this one puts ones from the past to shame. It is so efficient and has such a large capacity that you and your whole family could take turns using it! Talk about sharing the love!

Shop smart, always. Whether you end up choosing one of these products, or something totally different, don’t make an impulsive choice. Shop around, take notes, and purchase your preferred product with confidence.

We’re glad you came to us for help finding the perfect carpet cleaner of 2016 and we wish you the best of luck in making your selection!

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