Best Coffee Makers

Best Coffee Makers

Currently contemplating the best coffee makers out there on your own? There’s no need for that! We’re here to make your experience fun and help you absorb useful information about coffee and coffee makers!

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings Preview & Purchase
Borosilicate glass build (resists heat); Scale markings; Cloth & metal filters; ~5-cup capacity; Rubber-coated handle; Glass siphon type 4.9 out of 5
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13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L
12 to 36-cup capacity (commercially friendly); Drip & pour-over type; 3 warmers 4.8 out of 5
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Anti-drip technology; Digital display; 1 to 4-cup capacity; Drip coffee maker; Brewing strength selection 4.8 out of 5
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KB 741
Short brew time; Glass carafe included; Anti-drip technology; Backed by a 5-year warranty (limited); Drip coffee maker 4.7 out of 5
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Pod coffee maker; 1 or 2 cup capacity; 1-year warranty (limited); Auto shut-off; Push-stop function 4.7 out of 5
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6, 8, or 10-ounce brew size selections; 48-ounce reservoir; Auto shut-off; Cold-beverage capable 4.4 out of 5 
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Brew strength selection; Automatic functions (shut-off, self-cleaning); ~14 cups (or 1 to 4-cup setting); High-quality filters (gold-tone & charcoal); Adjustable warmer temperature 4.5 out of 5
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~5 (6-ounce) cup capacity; Stovetop, vacuum coffee maker; Dishwasher-safe; Stand and scoop are included 4.5 out of 5
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Mr. Coffee
Dishwasher-safe; ~4-cup capacity; Option with pulse (blends); Low waiting time; Relatively lightweight; Frappe blender & coffee maker 4.4 out of 5
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Central DCC-1200
Digital clock; End-of-cycle beeping; Drip coffee maker; 12-cup capacity; Charcoal & gold-toned filter-friendly; Auto shut-off; Carafe is included 4.2 out of 5
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As with most types of online shopping, this task can become overwhelmingly confusing. It’s strange how complex simple things can become due to our own contemplation processes! Fear no more.

We’re going to walk you through the different types of coffee makers, questions to keep in mind when contemplating a purchase, and we’ll even give you our personal opinion at the end.

Thank you for choosing our website and we hope you enjoy the informational ride!

The Most Common Types of Coffee Found in Stores

Most of the time, here in America, especially, you’ll be able to walk into a store and find robusta and Arabica coffee beans. If you’ve never really understood how they’re so different, now’s your chance to learn!

You might already know there are many special blends and other bean varieties, but for the most part, you’re likely to find one of these two:

  • Robusta beans are pretty popular for their levels of caffeine and are some of the more bold, robust coffee choices. Robusta beans are also known for:
    • Making a fantastically frothy espresso.
    • →Tasting more “earthy” than Arabica coffee beans do.
      • Taste is described as being slightly nutty, but very bitter and bold.
      • If you or the person you’re shopping for isn’t fond of grainy-tasting pick-me-ups, see if Arabica beans are more pleasing to the palate.
  • Arabica coffee beans aren’t known for their caffeine levels, but their acidity, instead. Wine-lovers that are iffy about coffee might like these beans and blends.
    • Arabica beans are said to taste slightly sweet. This sweetness is wonderfully complementary to the acidity in the beans. It’s also why we say wine-lovers might like it!
  • Pods. You’re likely to find these modern additions in many coffee lovers’ homes! Why? One pod equals one, delicious cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you please!
    • For the large number of us who aren’t morning people, the pod coffee makers take the (majority of) work out of getting our coffee.
    • They’re convenient and quick, but typically, they only brew a cup at a time. You may choose to adjust the cup size when brewing, but you must go through several motions to make company coffee.
      • If you or the person you’re buying for enjoys serving coffee to their guests, you need to consider whether the appliance has multi-pod capabilities or not.

Now that we have that confusing mess out of the way, let’s get down to the basics of your buying needs.

Is the Coffee Maker for You?

  • Or is it for a loved one? This question is important because it affects the purpose behind your purchase entirely!

If it’s for someone else, you’d benefit from getting to know (if you don’t already) their preference when it comes to their pick-me-up.

If you know they’re particularly fond of espresso, you may want to buy them an espresso maker.

Now, the following can go for both self and selfless purchases:

  • How much are you willing to pay? 
    • Set a budget for yourself and don’t go over it if you can’t afford it. It’s usually wise to set a flexible budget in case you want to pay for a few beneficial additions.
  • Will one person be drinking the coffee?
    • In other words, how many cups are expected to be enjoyed per pot of coffee? This should make the size selection easier for you!
    • If a lot of people in the house drink coffee, it would be considerate to purchase a larger machine. But again, budget comes into play here. Do not disregard your budget!

The Most Common Coffee Makers

There are many kinds available in all sorts of places, but you’re probably going to find most of the following examples at any given appliance shop.

  • Aeropress Coffee Makers
    • These are super awesome appliances that can satisfy all your coffee needs! They use microfilters.
      • It doesn’t matter whether you prefer regular coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, or lattes… these machines are capable of nearly everything! (Coffee-related, that is).
        • Did we mention they’re not restricted to single servings only?! (Check the model to be sure).
      • To prepare a cup of coffee with one of these, you would:
        • place the filter in the appropriate spot,
        • combine ground coffee with hot water above a mug,
        • then press down.
  • Drip coffee makers. They were the most common, preferred coffee makers among many of us until we realized how much taste can be affected by paper filters.
    • Most people suggest trying a different type of coffee maker, in order to experience coffee as best as you can!
    • Drip coffee pots are usually electric.
      • They have a reservoir for water that warms up and filters the ground coffee through a paper or cloth filter in a trickling or dripping motion.
  • The French presses are the most common “step-up” from drip machines. They allow a lot more control because you have full say in brewing time and the strength of the coffee waiting to enter your cup.
    • They plunge coffee grounds into hot water.
  • Percolators. While similar to drip and pressed coffee machines, in a way, they differ in that they require stovetop brewing.
    • They will usually need cloth, or paper, filters. That’s one of the only downfalls of these, according to many.
    • You would use cold water with most of these.
  • Pod coffee makers. We discussed these briefly when we talked about pods, but these are great for people who want one cup of coffee… fast!
    • You pretty much just have to press a couple of buttons with these appliances and then you’ll have coffee before you know it. (Or in approximately 3+ minutes).
  • Pour-over coffee makers. These are special because they incorporate cones over a glass for the ultimate control. The only thing is they don’t use high-pressure, so the results aren’t comparable to the Aeropress for technical reasons.
    • The cones may be made of glass or porcelain in most cases.
      • You’ll usually set the cone on top of the coffee maker or cup you wish to use. Then, place the filter appropriately.
        • Put a spoonful of coffee in the filter.
        • Pour hot water over the grinds and filter and watch the magic happen!

If you’re curious about other variations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you’ve gotten what you needed from this information so far, go ahead and check out our suggestions!

Other Coffee Pots & Coffee Makers

If you’re looking to broaden your coffee-making horizons, you’ll probably be interested in purchasing one of these neat appliances. Some might even argue that they’re functioning pieces of art!

  • Italian stove-top coffee & espresso makers. These are great for making espresso.
    • Most of these work by filling the bottom part with liquid (water), then the espresso or coffee beans of choice, latching the top, and setting it on the burner.
  • Siphon (or vacuum) coffee makers.
    • These usually need to be placed on a stove burner as well… but instead of the coffee grounds getting filtered over heat, these filter the coffee back to the bottom of the pot when removed from heat.
      • How does it do that? The pressure that builds up in the glass from the heated water pushes the water into the coffee compartment and it stays there until it is no longer heating up.
  • Turkish coffee pots. These are known by a few different names, but the concept is the same. Sophisticated coffee! Coffee as it was truly meant to be enjoyed. (According to many, anyway!) It’s seen as a social art form, in ways. You must present pristine cups and coffee! (You’re also supposed to wait until the grounds settle in the cup before you drink coffee this way).
    • What do they require?
      • They consist of copper, most commonly.
        • Heat the coffee grounds and water in the pot together on a stove. Whisk the coffee into the hot water. Let it slowly begin to boil. Don’t stir it up anymore. Wait for it to produce a froth. Scoop some froth into the bottom center of each cup. Pour the brewed coffee near the edge of each cup to keep the froth in the center. Top with more froth if desired.
        • Some people enjoy Turkish delights with this coffee making technique in order to get the bitterness out of their mouths.

As we mentioned before, there are so many options out there. These are only the basics so that we can all have a better understanding of what to look for when we go coffee pot shopping!

You’re not confined to using only these coffee pots or coffee makers! Feel free to test your coffee-brewing skills in as many ways as you’d like! Actually, we encourage you to really figure out what kind of coffee you want to make before you ever contemplate a purchase.

If you want an appliance that’s super versatile, shop around and check out all the features a model has to offer. For the most part, you can make most different types of coffee in most coffee makers and variations. Just be sure before you purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of the best coffee makers now!

Hario NXA-5

  • This Hario NEXT model is a glass siphon coffee maker.
    • Borosilicate glass makes this heat resistant, so you can use heat!
  • Serve up to five cups per brew! This is convenient because many glass siphons are single-serve.
  • For those that loathe paper filters, you’ll be intrigued by this option. Why? Because they use cloth and metal filters, instead! You get to taste coffee, for real this time! (You’ve probably enjoyed nice coffee somewhere, but this would be in your own home!)
  • This updated model has a flat bottom surface.
    • That means more coffee!
  • These are a breeze to clean, so long as you remember to do so after each use! Nothing’s easy to clean when everything’s super caked on, but this might be an exception even then!
  • Empty, you shouldn’t expect this appliance to weigh more than five pounds. That means pretty much anyone could use one of these!

BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L

  • This is designed to be a commercial coffee maker.
    • We say it’s useful in large, coffee-loving households or breakrooms at work.
      • While some may consider it old-fashioned, it’s convenient when everyone wants coffee but no one has much time to make it.
      • How much coffee are we talking?
        • Twelve, up to thirty-six, cups worth of coffee! You’ll have a hard time convincing us that that isn’t enough coffee to please all (or most of) your co-workers! Start that baby up first thing in the morning and see how many new friends you make!
      • Have we mentioned that it’s portable yet?
        • No inconvenient water station necessary. Fill the pots you want coffee in up with water and pour it over the filter when necessary.
  • The downfall is that it’s a drip coffee maker (pour-over). If you couldn’t care less about that, this is a pretty sweet deal. As a boss, you could request that your employees provide filters and decanters. In return, you’d be spoiling them with this appliance! (Talk about boosting morale!)
    • Since they’re made with a stainless steel finish, they’re easy to keep clean and up-to-standard.
    • They also don’t take up a crazy amount of space; it doesn’t sit too high to be placed under most cabinets.

Braun KF7150BK

  • This model of coffee maker is better known as the BrewSense.
    • The charcoal water filter makes this stand out from many similar appliances. Filtering through this helps remove impurities and bad tastes you might’ve experienced before discovering this beautiful machine.
  • It features a timer.
    •  (Set it twenty-four hours ahead of time, if you wish!)
    • It should turn off automatically.
      • You can change this setting, though, and adjust the temperature of the warmer. (Pretty convenient for when you want to keep the coffee warm and come back to it).
  • You can brew one to four cups, or make everyone happy with a full pot!
  • If you’re impatient when it comes to having your first sip of coffee, you’ll be pleased to know that this Braun model features anti-drip technology!
    • Do you know the meaning of this?!
      • You can pull the decanter out before the cycle is over and enjoy your first sip of coffee — without a huge mess!
  • You have the ability to choose between regular or bold-brewed coffee! That’s awesome! Some days, we may need an extra boost, and this appliance is ready to help!
  • Have you noticed how inexpensive these are, yet?! (They’re usually less than $150 or so).

Moccamaster KB 741

  • This Moccamaster comes with a wonderful, glass carafe.
    • The coffee brews around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which positively affects its taste.
      • That makes this a top-notch, high-quality glass, drip coffee maker.
  • You can use paper filters if you want to… but the best thing about this is that you have the option to use a Swiss Gold filter (cone). The gold cone is reusable.
  • The only buttons you’ll have to learn are for power and warmer-control.
  • Don’t be deterred by the price. In paying full price for this awesome appliance, you’re guaranteed a five-year warranty.
    • On top of a warranty, Technivorm is known for building long-lasting products. Technivorm expects this coffee maker to function throughout the lifespan of you or your loved one.
    • In making a purchase like this (a lifetime investment), you shouldn’t have to worry about needing a new coffee maker again! It’ll become your new best friend!
  • You’ll have to adjust the lever and basket appropriately, but you should be able to pull out the carafe without the coffee continuing to trickle out.

Senseo 20075020051848

  • This Senseo is a convenient pod coffee maker!
    • You can make two cute little cups at one time. (They only stand about four inches tall).
    • Or, you could brew a taller, eight-ounce cup.
    • You can brew five cups total with one full water reservoir.
      • The reservoir is detachable and the detachable parts of this appliance are machine-washable.
  • What’s the average waiting time for one cup of coffee?
    • Usually a minute or less!
  • You just have to press the power button to get started!
  • For how convenient this little appliance is, (weighing less than five pounds, empty) it isn’t too expensive. You can usually catch these for less than $200!

Keurig K55

  • This is both a pod and drip coffee maker!
    • Use pods for convenience and quickness.
    • Use the appropriate filters to use ground coffee.
      • This feature helps keep things spicy in your life. If you feel like rolling out of bed to a piping hot cup of coffee before your eyes fully open, you can pop a K-Cup in.
      • If you want traditional coffee with minimal waiting, use filters and ground coffee.
  • You can choose the cup size.
    • You have the choice of using a six-ounce, eight-ounce, or a ten-ounce cup.
  • The reservoir can hold up to forty-eight ounces at once. That makes coming back for another cup a lot easier!
  • You can remove the drip tray if you need to fill a cup up for work. Sweet.
  • Customer service is highly praised with this company, so get ready for pampering!

Cuisinart DCC-3200

  • The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is an impressive, high-heat, drip coffee maker.
    • Similarly to a couple of the models we mentioned earlier, this coffee maker uses a gold-toned filter or a charcoal one. This ensures quality taste without impurities from high heating methods.
  • You can forget about this machine being on when you leave for work — it should shut off on its own once set up properly. (You can make it wait up to four hours before it shuts off).
  • You can let it brew 14 cups of regular coffee or choose the quicker option. (1 to 4 cups).
  • The water levels are visible, which is handy if you want to pause the cycle for a drink!
  • Control the strength of the brew by choosing “regular” or “bold.”
  • For all of these features, this is one of the cheapest, yet better, options!
    • You’ll be surprised to find yourself spending less than $100 with most of these purchases! How awesome is that?! You can count us in!

Bodum Pebo

  • The Pebo is a stovetop, vacuum coffee maker capable of capturing your coffee-loving heart.
    • This awesome contraption has an eight-cup capacity.
  • Since it’s a vacuum-type maker, you won’t have to worry about not being able to smell the delicious coffee that’s brewed.
  • The carafe and resting stand are included with your purchase.
  • Depending on how much coffee you make, you should expect a pleasantly short wait-time. (Around five to eleven minutes on average).
  • The Pebo is a piece of art. It looks awesome, it is extremely efficient, and we’d be surprised if you failed to be amazed by it every time you saw it in action.
    • Not only will you entertain and impress your guests, but your wallet will be relieved to discover that it’s less than $100 on average!

Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1

  • Hello, love. We mean… Hello, Cafe Frappe!
    • This awesome coffee maker works as both that and a light blender!
      • The pulse function will make sure you don’t have an off-balance experience.
    • The blending jar can hold twenty ounces of liquid.
      • Not only that, but it’s also dishwasher-safe. (AKA hassle-free!)
  • The coffee filters should accommodate four cups‘ worth of coffee.
  • It is easy to use!
    • Should you decide you want a frappe, get your coffee ready (in the appliance).
      • Get the blender ready by putting ice and whatever else you want in there.
        • Press the power and frappe button to enjoy the chilled drink as it was meant to be enjoyed… easily!
    • Expect a nice, short wait of about three minutes!
  • If you or a loved one find yourselves in love with this machine after the first few uses, there might be a support group readily available! All jokes aside, you’re likely to quit spending so much money on commercially-made coffees or cold coffees if you buy this!
  • By the way, this comes with a twenty-recipe booklet for your coffee-drinking convenience!

Cuisinart Central DCC-1200

  • This is another drip machine, but look how sleek it is!
    • Drip means affordable and easily likeable, in other words.
  • This Cuisinart model features reservoir markings so you know exactly how much coffee you’re preparing.
  • You can program this appliance’s settings to shut-off automatically!
  • It comes with a feature that makes you aware of when it’s cleaning time!
  • You may adjust the warming temperature.
  • If you want the best experience, taste-wise, you could have with this coffee maker, be sure to use medium-fine types of coffee grounds.

If it Comes Down to it…

We’ve several, wonderful options in front of us. No telling how many others are out there in stores! The question is, if we’re indecisive, what coffee makers are truly worth my money?

While all of these are great for what they are, if you’re on a tight budget and want an affordable, but different experience…

You should go with the Pebo. You’ll get to learn a new method of coffee-making and you’ll also be putting on a performance. Everything you add to it can be seen and it is so fun to watch brew coffee! Don’t forget how affordable it is when you’re comparing it to traditional, drip coffee pots.

If the Pebo isn’t up your alley and you do want a more traditional coffee maker, consider the Keurig K55.

The Keurig K55 is a nice combination of a pod-type coffee maker and a drip machine. You can enjoy both prepackaged varieties and home-brewed cups of coffee.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is the final contender, offering quality drip machine technology. It’s one of the only inexpensive drip machines to offer such high-quality filters. You will get to taste coffee as it was meant to be tasted with this model.

Thank you for choosing to learn about these coffee makers and we wish you luck in your decision!

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