Best Gas Grills

Best Gas Grills

It’s time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with your friends and family! Gas grills are great tools to get groups of people together and that’s what we’re discussing today! Of course, having a pool wouldn’t hurt, either… but gas grills can get the party started by allowing you to serve delicious grilled meats, fruits, and veggies all summer long.

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
Blackstone 36-inch Griddle 4 burners
15,000 BTU per burner
720 sq. in. cooking space
4.9 out of 5

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Weber Spirit E210 2 burners
~13,000 BTU per burner
450 sq. in. cooking space
4.8 out of 5

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Fuego Element F21C 1 dual-ring burner
21,000 BTU
346 sq. in. cooking space
4.7 out of 5

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Smoke Hollow 205 1 burner
10,000 BTU
205 sq. in. cooking space
4.6 out of 5

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 Actually, you don’t even have to depend on it being summertime with some of the gas grills out there! Some can be used in less-than-ideal weather and most are safe to use in an open shelter (like a window and doorless poolhouse or covered grilling patio).
So what makes gas grills better than charcoal grills, you ask? Charcoal grills are good and all but they’re known for creating intense heat for short periods of time. They cool down pretty quickly and are a pain to reheat, especially if you run out of charcoal and still have more food to cook!
Gas grills, on the other hand, tend to heat up quickly and stay hot for as long as you need them to. Many gas grills come with a few different burners and areas to store or cook other foods.
Do you have a lot of cookouts planned for the summer? Perhaps a family reunion is coming up? Whatever your motive is, you’ll surely be the host with the most if you have a grill that can cook enough for a small army in one go.
Need to serve 24 burgers at once? No problem if you get a grill with a large enough cooking surface to meet those needs!
Let’s get to know more about gas grills before we dive into the details of our list.

Getting Familiar with Gas Grills

There is plenty to keep in mind before you pull out your wallet and decide to call the first grill you see yours.

Let’s address some questions you should ask yourself before you buy and get an idea of what it is you’re looking for.

  • What is your budget?
    • You can find grills under $100 and you can find grills that are well over $3,000.
    • If grilling is your livelihood, you’ll likely want one with plenty of cooking space, several burners, and extra features.
    • If you’re just interested in grilling for yourself or a small family, you probably won’t need something with lots of bells and whistles that also takes up a lot of room.
    • Think about your expectations and determine how much you can, or are interested in, spending.
  • Why are you interested in gas grills?
    • Different types of grills produce different results.
    • Gas grills keep heat well and are usually versatile in terms of what can be cooked with them.
    • Some gas grills use infrared technology, which makes it easier to cook things directly without depending on hot air or flames to touch your food first.
  • What do you plan on grilling?
    • That might seem like a silly question but it’s actually very serious!
    • Do you just want to cook hotdogs and hamburgers? Do you want to sear perfect steaks? Serve a rack of ribs? Grill some freshly-caught fish? All of the above and more?
    • This information should help you narrow down your options because some are designed to be used in multiple ways while others are meant to be pretty basic.
    • You should also consider the BTU (British thermal units) if you’re trying to calculate costs and estimate the amount of gas you’ll need.
      • Generally speaking, the higher the BTU the better, but a high rating doesn’t always mean your grill will heat up incredibly fast or cook things faster than you can count.
  • Where do you plan on grilling?
    • Do you need a portable grill so you can eat well wherever you go?
    • Do you want to grill by the poolside but be able to easily change locations if it starts raining?
    • You’ll want a strong, sturdy grill regardless of your intentions.
    • You may want one that has wheels that make it easy to move from one spot to another.
    • Perhaps you just want a big, stable grill that will stay in the same spot, day after day, begging to be used.
  • Which features and accessories matter most to you?
    • Do you want to be able to cook a pizza on your grill? What about making a beautiful stirfry? Do you want to make the best breakfast in the neighborhood?
    • Some gas grills will come with accessories like a pizza oven, a wok, a griddle, and more. Others, you’ll need to purchase those separately.
    • Do you want something portable, a small grill, a medium one, or a large one? Consider this and how much you’re willing to spend because size affects cost.
    • Do you want to use propane, natural gas, either/or, both?
    • Do you want anything to be illuminated while in use? The knobs, the igniters, the cooking top, the sides?
    • Would you enjoy a model that has a slide-out stand for the gas or propane tank so you don’t have to hurt your back getting it out?
    • Would you like to see a fuel gauge so you don’t have to hope for the best in the heat of the moment? Those are some of the easier accessories to obtain because even if the model isn’t made with one they can be ordered and aren’t incredibly expensive.
    • Do you want it to come with a cloth cover? Some models have nice bundle deals that include accessories like that.
  • Check out the materials it is made of.
    • Stainless steel is preferred by most because it’s usually pretty easy to clean and doesn’t tend to rust quickly.
    • The less paint there is and the more welds (instead of bolts and screws) that are holding it together, the better the grill usually is.

Our Favorite Gas Grills on a Budget

Blackstone 36-inch Griddle

  • The Blackstone 36in. Griddle is a beast of a grill, allowing you to cook a ridiculous amount of food at the same time.
    • It has 4 burners that are all independently controllable.
    • Each burner boasts 15,000 BTU, giving you a total of 60,000 BTU to work with!
    • It offers plenty of cooking space, 720 square inches of it, to be exact!
  • The frame is made of black, powder-coated steel.
    • The burners are stainless steel.
    • All that steal makes for easy cleaning!
  • This is a heavy grill, weighing more than 100lbs.
    • On the bright side, it does have wheels so it shouldn’t be too difficult to move it anywhere you need it.
    • Though it is heavy, the griddle top can be removed and the legs can be folded to make transportation or storage easier than you’d probably expect.
  • Get the grill going without any issues thanks to the easy-to-use button igniter.
  • There are bundle offers for this unit, including a bundle with a cover and a bundle with fewer burners.

Weber Spirit E210

  • This Weber Spirit E210 is perfect for small families and users that aren’t worried about feeding a large crowd all at once.
    • It has two burners that are made of stainless steel and each reaches over 13,000 BTU each hour, giving you a total of 26,500 BTU.
  • The sides are able to be folded down and it is easy to move thanks to its wheels.
    • The grill itself still weighs over 100lbs.
  • The grates your food sits on are cast-iron and coated in porcelain.
    • That means heat retention is above average and a super easy cleanup!
    • You don’t have to season the grates even though they’re cast-iron.
  • You can enjoy a cooking top with 450 square inches of usable space in total.
    • 90 square inches of that is dedicated to being a warming rack so anything that gets done early doesn’t have to be served cold!
  • This particular model should come with a fuel gauge, some hooks for your cooking utensils, user guides, and a limited warranty.

Fuego Element F21C

  • The Fuego Element Carbon Steel Gas Grill is beautiful, efficient, and affordable for most.
    • As long as you’re not trying to supply the whole neighborhood with burgers in less than an hour, you’re in good hands.
    • This grill can actually hold more food than it looks like it can, allowing you to utilize a 346 square inch surface. (That lets you cook over 10 burgers at once!)
  • We love its compact design. It’s not bulky in the least and looks good almost anywhere it’s placed.
    • It even has wheels so you can roll it around wherever you go!
  • The igniter is a button that can be pushed for an easy start.
    • Think it won’t get hot because it’s so small and only has a dual ring burner? Think again!
    • Can reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes and can reach a maximum of 650 degrees for all your grilling needs.
  • The grate is cast-iron.
  • The lid actually has a built-in thermometer so you don’t have to keep opening it to check the temperature yourself.
    • The inside of the lid features a heat reflection shield, too.

Smoke Hollow 205

  • The Smoke Hollow 205 is our favorite portable gas grill by far.
    • It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and easy to use!
    • Camp with it, be the life of the tailgate party, bring it on your boat, or just take up much less space on your pool deck with it.
    • It’s meant to be set on a tabletop but you could even get a sturdy grill cart if you don’t want to set it on a table (or can’t find one).
  • It’s easy to carry anywhere because of the fact that the legs fold, the lid locks, and there’s a nice-sized handle in the front.
  • It is meant to run on small cylinders of propane but, with the right equipment, it can be hooked up to a 20-pound propane tank.
  • Don’t think you’ll have enough room to cook anything on it? Think again!
    • It has 205 square inches of cooking space and the warming rack is 105 square inches in size.
    • Only has one “U” burner but it puts out 10,000 BTU per hour.
  • Mostly made of stainless steel inside and out.
  • The lid has a built-in thermometer.

In Conclusion

It all comes down to your own needs, budget, and expectations. There are so many great gas grills out there just waiting to be noticed.

The ones we’ve discussed are best for people with reasonable budgets. Nothing too expensive, nothing too cheap. Just know that there are many other options!

We didn’t get to fiddle with many of the high-end models so maybe we’ll come back to those at another point in time.

Our favorite on our list, by far, is the Blackstone griddle. It can hold so much food! Our mouths are watering just thinking about all the meats and veggies that can be cooked at the same time.

If you don’t care about how much you can cook at once, we think any of the smaller grills we mentioned should suit you just fine.

As always, thank you for learning about gas grills with us today and we wish you luck in your search!

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