Best Home Gyms

Best Home Gyms

When you endure a busy lifestyle and you finally earn some downtime, it’s usually more tempting to stay at home than it is to go to the gym or a park. Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing between home gyms or bright, busy (maybe even a little smelly) public or commercial gyms — isn’t the choice obvious?!

Brand/Model Warranty Emphasized Elements of Exercise Key Features Ratings Purchase
BodyCraft Galena Pro Lifetime frame & parts Ab crunch
Chest press & pec dec
Lat pull
Leg curl & extension
Low pulley station
DVD included
Dimensions: (56.5in. L x 71.3in. W x 81in. H)
2 seats
Weighs almost 500lbs; user weight limit is 300lbs
Uses weights for resistance (200lbs max.)
5 out of 5

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Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE 1 year (frame), 60 days (parts), & lifetime (power rods) Ab crunch
Lat tower & bar
Leg extension
Low pulley/squat station
Dimensions: (53in. L x 49in. W x 83.3in. H)
1 seat
Weighs less than 200lbs; user weight limit is 300lbs
Uses power rods for resistance (410lbs max.)
4.9 out of 5

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Body-Solid G1S Lifetime Ab crunch
Chest press
Lat pull
Leg curl & extension
DVD included
Dimensions: (49in. L x 36in. W x 83in. H)
1 seat
Weighs around 300lbs
Uses weights for resistance (160lbs max.)
4.8 out of 5

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Total Gym XLS Plus AbCrunch Bench Lifetime (frame) & 6 months (parts) Ab crunch
Leg pull
Squat stand
5 DVDs included
Dimensions: (90in. L x 19in. W x 43in. H)
1 (sliding) seat
Weighs less than 100lbs; user weight limit is 400lbs
Uses body weight for resistance
4.7 out of 5

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Bowflex Blaze 5 year (frame) & lifetime (power rods) Ab crunch
Chest bar
Lat pull
Leg curl & extension
Squat bar & platform
Dimensions: (90in. L x 38in. W x 83in. H)
1 (sliding) seat
Weighs less than 200lbs; user weight limit is 300lbs
Uses power rods for resistance (410lbs max.)
4.6 out of 5

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Marcy MWM-990 2 year (limited) Ab crunch
Bicep pad
Chest press
Lat station
Leg curl & extension
Low pulley
Dimensions: (69in. L x 36in. W x 78in. H)
1 seat
Weighs less than 300lbs; user weight limit is 300lbs
Uses weights for resistance (150lbs max.)
4.5 out of 5

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Bowflex PR3000 1 year (frame), 60 days (parts), 7 years (power rods) Bench press
Lat pull
Leg curl & extension
Dimensions of required workout space: (100in. x 78in.)
1 seat
Weighs less than 200lbs; user weight limit is 300lbs
Uses power rods for resistance (210lbs recommended max.)
4.4 out of 5

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Journey Gym (Portable) Available upon request Circuit training (cardio & strength)
DVD included
Portable, compact
Standing platform
Weighs less than 20lbs; user weight limit is approx. 250lbs
Uses resistance bands (150lbs max.; 75lbs per side)
4.3 out of 5

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Thane Total Flex Available upon request Target training for:
DVD included
Dimensions, folded: (24in. x 24in. x 10in.)
1 seat
Weighs nearly 50lbs; user weight limit is approx. 300lbs
Uses resistance bands (approx. 130lbs max.; 65lbs per side)
4.2 out of 5

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Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press 10 years (frame) & 1 year (parts) Ab crunch
Chest press
Lat pull
Leg curl & extension
Low pulley
Dimensions: (71in. L x 49in. W x 83in. H)
2 seats
Weighs nearly 400lbs; user weight limit is approx. 300lbs
Uses weights for resistance (160-210lbs max.)
4.1 out of 5

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We’re busy people and we’re always on the go, so what if we want to stay home every now and then? Instead of feeling guilty or wasting any more expensive memberships, consider some home gyms! They’re perfect for when you want to work out but you don’t want to go out. Plus, you’re likely to be able to keep your home gym much cleaner than public equipment tends to be. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of owning your own home gym and a variety of models, capable of suiting just about anyone’s fitness requirements!

Respectfully enough, gyms can be great when you’re a social person, have plenty of spare time, or aren’t in a position to (comfortably) purchase a home gym. You can receive personal training there, which can be pretty cool, but you’ll have to hurry home to relax afterward. That can make staying on track a little difficult for most of us.

We need to exercise if we want to perform well in life.

Whether you’re working from home or you’re a yoga instructor, it’s important to fit in a personal workout a few times a week. Why? So you can keep your energy levels high in order to maintain efficiency with ease, of course! While it doesn’t hurt to have a lazy day every now and then, it isn’t beneficial to stay stationary.

It might seem like you’ll gain all your energy back if you stay curled up in bed for two or three days… but you’ll soon find yourself searching for any ounce of energy you can find. If it’s within your budget, owning a home gym can save you a lot of time, energy, and even money.

If it’s within your budget, owning a home gym can save you a lot of time, energy, and even money. Don’t settle for equipment you won’t enjoy using — if you want a weighted, strength training gym, get one! If you don’t mind using resistance tubes or bands, look into the wide range of choices for those. Only care about your abs? That’s fine, just get a home gym that focuses on ab routines!

We’re about to discuss some major points to consider before making a purchase but the importance of knowing each exercise you’d like to complete with a home gym almost outweighs all of our other considerations. You’ll only get the results you want if you can do exactly as you please!

Getting to Know Your Home Gym Expectations

When it comes to selecting the right equipment for yourself, many factors should be weighed in. It’s hardly wise to splurge on the first relevant item you find. Instead of jumping the gun and buying the most expensive, elaborate home gym on the market, let’s consider a few things first.

  • What’s your routine? (Or, what will your routine include)?
    • Do you enjoy full-body workouts or focusing on certain areas? Many home gyms will offer several features and focus areas (some might also have more than one bench/workout area). If you want to do more than fifty different exercises on your machine then be sure to look for a highly-functional gym.
    • We feel it’s important to set realistic goals. It isn’t realistic to expect any home gym to take you from 160lbs to 200lbs of pure muscle in 2 weeks — don’t blame the machine. If you use an entire home gym mostly for your abs then expect to see more abs results than biceps.
    • If you think you’ll only have time to work out 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time you might not want to purchase an elaborate gym! If you like using your body more than accessories, you might be more interested in a bodyweight gym than a complete home gym.
  • Do you like the design?
    • Can you adjust the weight? What’s the weight limit for its users (and how much does the machine itself weigh)? We suggest looking at measurements if space is limited (some of these home gyms can be pretty bulky).
    • If a certain style grabs your attention more than another, don’t feel weird for choosing it! You’ll be more likely to use the home gym if you like the way it looks, too!
  • Will it require maintenance?
    • Does it come with a warranty and support? When you’re busy or not too sure about what to do in the first place it’s nice to have support! Find out if you can chat with a professional online or over the phone. (It’s always nice to know things like this before you end up wanting or needing them).
    • You should also consider keeping your home gym in top condition. This should help prevent major issues and let you get more uses out of the equipment! Lubricate moving parts and check the stability of things regularly.
  • What’s your budget?
    • We’re looking for something you can comfortably purchase. Your financial stability shouldn’t be affected negatively by your desire to exercise at home. We want you to be happy with your decision but we also know how expensive home gyms can be. We can’t encourage you enough to learn as much as you can about a gym before you buy it.
  • Is it safe?
    • This could have gone under the design point but it’s worth taking another look at. Along with durability and design, you should consider the safety of anyone that might use our new home gym. When weights and heavy things are around, be sure to warn any visitors or ensure the weights stay secure if they’re nudged.
  • Should you purchase a protective floor mat?
    • Many of these home gyms will be bulky and heavy. If scuffs and marks are a concern, it would be wise to search for a rubber mat to place under the gym. (As a friendly reminder, it’s much easier to place the mat before you assemble the gym than afterward!)

With plenty of modern options, it can be difficult to decide on something simple but let’s be realistic… if you think you’ll work out in your office chair more than anything, you’d most likely benefit from a resistance system more than an expensive gym. We want to remind you that there are all sorts of options out there.

We wanted to choose versatile, comfortable gyms that almost anyone can use but there are plenty of miniature gym sets that are designed to help with smaller problem areas. (For instance, you could buy a pull-up bar if that’s all you want to do). There’s nothing wrong with spending less money as long as you know what you’re spending it on!

Our Top 10 Choices for Best Home Gyms

BodyCraft Galena Pro
best home gyms bodycraft
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  • The Galena Pro isn’t cheap but it’s worth every penny. You, as the original (non-commercial) owner, will receive a lifetime warranty with this BodyCraft gym.
    • You’ll notice the price on this but if you notice the following details you’ll soon understand. It has nice, padded areas & seats (which are adjustable), steel tubing, aircraft cable (2,000lb tensile strength rating), sealed bearings, and fiberglass reinforced pulleys. This home gym is also versatile, allowing you to work out your whole body in multiple ways.
    • You can add weight (in 5lb increments up to 200lbs), a stack guard, a triceps rope, or a leg press station to this home gym to vamp up your routine. The stack guard would soften the sound of the weights and be aesthetically pleasing — if it makes you want to work out more, why not?!
      • Standard shipments feature a Chest Press & Pec Dec, Abdominal Crunch, Lat Pull, Leg Curl & Leg Extension, and Low Pulley Station. You’ll also receive a DVD with training tips!
    • The lifetime warranty is for home-use only but this gym was built to withstand light commercial use. If you find yourself setting this up in your shop, you can enjoy a 10-year frame warranty with 2 years of parts replacement. Did we mention the fact that you can receive support via live chat for any issues? We were delighted to notice this.
  • Don’t try to carry this item by yourself. It weighs nearly 500 pounds.
    • Without the Leg Press station, this home gym measures (71.3in. W × 56.5in. L × 81in. H). With the Leg Press, it’ll be a bit over 91 inches wide. If patience isn’t your strong point, we suggest asking a friend or family member to help with the setup (or paying to have it put together upon receipt).
    • You can place this gym in a corner or in the middle of a room. Our main recommendation is to leave about one and a half feet of clearing on either side of each station. (This will allow you to use the entire gym easily regardless of your chosen exercises).
    • Anyone weighing 300 pounds or less should be able to safely and comfortably use this home gym.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE
best home gyms bowflex xtreme 2se
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  • The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE uses power rod technology instead of weights. This provides a peaceful, (mostly) noise-free workout!
    • Weights make noise when they go back down. Power rods flex. It’s a bit tricky to set up if you’re jumping into these waters for the first time but it’s convenient for anyone who can’t change weights or pulleys. Power rod technology allows people with joint issues to continue strength training without hurting themselves with free weights.
    • This home gym comes standard with 210 pounds of resistance but you can upgrade it to 410 pounds. The maximum user weight is 300 pounds.
    • It’s important to calibrate the weight system properly in order to feel the most resistance. The closer to the ground you pull the rods, the more weight resistance you’ll notice.
  • The dimensions of this home gyms are (53in. L × 49in. W × 83.3in. H). As one might assume, there needs to be plenty of open space if you want to utilize the Xtreme 2 completely.
  • Add-ons may be purchased such as the Preacher Curl and Gym Style Ab.
  • You’ll be able to fit in a plethora of exercises with this home gym. A list of approximately 70 (or more) exercises you can do with this gym is available online. You will not receive a complimentary DVD with training tips for this Bowflex, though.
    • Easily exercise your abs, arms, back, chest, legs, and shoulders with the Xtreme 2 SE.
  • One of the only downfalls with this brand is the way the warranty is handled. The machine’s pretty solid but when something goes wrong it might not easy to get a free replacement. That being said, with the way this home gym works (and makes us feel powerful), we’re willing to pay for replacement parts when (or if) it comes down to it. It can actually be pretty fun to work out with the Xtreme 2!
  • Setup should be fairly easy to do alone as long as you can follow the guide!

Body-Solid G1S
best home gyms bodysolid
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  • Here comes the G1S! It’s wonderful for what it is! Your whole body will love the Body-Solid home gym.
    • Our favorite part about this is its affordability. Compared to many other multifaceted home gyms, the G1S provides plenty without forcing you to pay too much.
      • A DVD is included with your purchase! We absolutely love that. It makes it easy to figure out how to get the most out of our gym.
      • Also included are a bottle & towel holder, ankle strap, and lat bar.
    • Don’t worry if something goes wrong because the frame and parts are covered by a lifetime warranty! (As long as you don’t use it commercially).
      • It’s surprisingly durable, using heavy-duty steel and aircraft cables.
  • It uses weights and you can’t add weights to it. There’s a maximum of 160 pounds of weight resistance.
    • When you receive the gym, it will weigh over 300 pounds in its packaging. Be sure to ask for help if you can’t move it!
    • Another unfortunate fact is that you cannot add a leg press for an additional fee. This could be a dealbreaker for some!
  • The dimensions on this fully-assembled gym are (49in. L × 36in. W × 83in. H).
    • You won’t need quite as much open space surrounding this gym as with some of our other options but you’ll want to make sure your ceiling is high enough for it.
  • On top of a nice warranty, you can enjoy pleasant customer support by phone call or email.
  • We like this home gym for its simplicity. You can do an impressive amount of things with it and it won’t break the bank.

Total Gym XLS Plus AbCrunch Bench
best home gyms total gym
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  • The Total Gym XLS is great for getting in shape without taking up much space.
    • It comes fully assembled, you just follow instructions on how to unfold and prepare it for use!
    • When unfolded, the XLS measures (90in. L × 19in. W × 43in. H). Folded up, it measures (51in. L × 19in. W × 9in. H). How awesome is it that you can fold it up for storage?!
    • You do have the option to purchase the XLS without the bench. If you don’t like the XLS, you might like the Fit.
  • The XLS weighs less than 100 pounds and can safely handle 400 pounds of user weight!
    • No gym on our list (so far, at least) has been able to handle more than 300 pounds of user weight. That makes the Total Gym ideal for people that feel unsafe using an elaborate gym. (The Total Gym Fit has a 450 capacity).
  • You can do over 80 exercises with the XLS.
    • Out of your own ideas? Not to fret, you’ll receive 5 DVDs to help you stay motivated and to give you an idea of how much you can do on this thing! It might not look like much at first glance but it’s one of the absolute best home gyms we’ve ever come across.
  • The XLS has a tough pulley and cable system, nylon handles, a glideboard, and a squat stand.
    • You’ll raise the level on the base column if you want to get an intense workout.
    • You’ll be relying on your own body weight, for the most part, for resistance. This can be difficult for beginners but the training tips you’ll get should help!

Bowflex Blaze
best home gyms bowflex blaze
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  • The Bowflex Blaze is beautiful. It’s a bit cheaper than the Xtreme 2, which doesn’t hurt!
    • The Blaze uses power rod technology so expect a pleasant workout without unnecessary pain!
  • One of the coolest things about this Bowflex is the fact that it can partially fold for convenient storage! You’ll get a full home gym but storage doesn’t have to be inconvenient.
    • With the leg extension attachment, he dimensions are approximately (90in. L × 38in. W × 84in. H) while in use. While folded, it will measure (52in. L × 38in. W × 83in. H). It’s still pretty tall but at least it doesn’t take up a giant portion of the rest of a room!
  • The home gym itself weighs in right under 200 pounds and is able to withstand 300 pounds of user weight.
    • If you want to push yourself harder, you can increase the resistance to 410 pounds at an additional price.
  • Easily enjoy 60 exercises (or more) with the Blaze.
    • You can do squats, work out your shoulders and back, row, and so much more!
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is available upon purchase and registration.
    • The frame is covered for 5 years and the power rods have a lifetime warranty. As with most warranties, normal wear and tear aren’t covered.

Marcy MWM-990
best home gyms marcy
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  • If you’re looking for an affordable, simplistic home gym, the MWM-990 is a fair choice.
    • It’s immensely inexpensive compared to most of our other options. In paying a smaller fee we’re sacrificing a bit of functionality but not so much that it makes a big difference. If your goal is to work out in the comfort of your home, this Marcy gym will provide the tools necessary to meet that goal.
  • The weight stack can support 150 pounds. The user weight capacity is 300 pounds. Unlike many of our other options, this home gym might be a little difficult for taller people to comfortably use.
    • The weight cannot be upgraded… but again, for this price, we’re not complaining. The build is still pretty good!
    • Included with your purchase should be a comprehensive poster for exercising.
      • You can enjoy a chest press, lat station, an adjustable preacher curl pad, and both a high and low pulley station.
  • The dimensions are (69in L × 36in. W × 78in. H).
    • The frame has steel tubing, the pulleys are nylon reinforced, the cables are aircraft-rated, the bearings are sealed, the weight stack enclosure is solid steel, and there’s a limited 2-year warranty!
  • Assembly shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you’re patient!

 Bowflex PR3000
best home gyms bowflex pr3000
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  • This Bowflex is designed to take up less space than the Xtreme 2 and handle less weight.
    • You’ll need close to (9ft × 7ft) of workout space for this home gym.
    • It’s close to 7 feet tall.
    • Like the other Bowflex gyms we’ve discussed, this one uses power rod technology.
  • The machine weighs nearly 180 pounds and can safely hold a 300-pound user.
    • Some users might suggest that you can increase the weight but it is only recommended to use 210 pounds of resistance.
  • You can do over 50 exercises on this machine.
    • Easily bench press, do leg extensions, or lat pulls on the PR3000.
  • The warranty is broken into three basic parts.
    • The frame should be covered for 1 year, the parts for 60 days, and the rods for 7 years.
  • If you have joint issues and can’t easily change cables or pulleys, you’ll enjoy knowing that this is another model that doesn’t require changing cables!
  • This is similar to the other Bowflex models, just smaller and less versatile.

Journey Gym (Portable)
best home gyms journey
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  • The Journey Gym definitely isn’t for everyone but it’s perfect for people who’re always traveling and just want to tone up or get some cardio.
    • It’s also significantly less expensive than all of our other options!
  • For anyone that doesn’t like the sight of a full-sized home gym, the Journey Gym is sure to please.
    • The case turns into your workout platform. The workout platform can be turned into a stair stepper by adding the included set of legs. There’s an approximate 250-pound user weight limit on this gym. The gym itself weighs less than 20 pounds.
    • Inside the case should be a DVD and 30 resistance bands. Bands will need replacement over use and time but they aren’t usually as expensive as metal parts! The DVD has a 5-minute demonstration to assist with setup.
  • You can set the resistance to 75 pounds on each side, allowing you to meet a total of 150 pounds of resistance.
    • If that’s a bit much, you can go as low as 5 pounds per side!

Thane Total Flex
best home gyms thane
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  • The Total Flex home gym is another convenient choice.
    • It comes practically fully assembled to your door. When you take it out of the box, if you want to use it immediately, place the proper resistance pod in the correct spot and begin! Instructions are included.
  • It might not be the easiest to carry everywhere with you unless you can lug around 50 pounds without a problem. If you can, then you might find yourself bringing this Thane gym all over the place.
    • When folded, the dimensions are around (2ft × 2ft × 10in.).
    • As far as we can tell, it can safely hold a user weighing 300 pounds.
    • When it comes to resistance, you can get a total of 130 or so pounds. (65 pounds on each side).
  • Included with your purchase should be 6 DVDs! For the price you’ll pay, this is one of the best deals we’ve come across.
    • These DVDs make exercising entertaining and interesting. If powerlifting isn’t of concern to you (or you want to do this on “easy days”), the Thane Total Flex provides plenty.
    • You can easily do 60 or more exercises with this home gym.

Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press
best home gyms powerline lpg
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  • The Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press is a bundle package that uses weights.
    • The weight stack you’ll receive will allow you to resist 160 pounds. You can upgrade this weight to 210 pounds easily at an additional cost.
  • With this elaborate setup, you’ll find it hard to run out of ideas to keep exercising fun!
    • If that isn’t enticing, notice the 10-year frame warranty! Parts are covered for 1 year.
  • The dimensions are (71in. L × 49in. W × 83in. H) and it weighs around 400 pounds.
    • The user weight limit is approximately 300 pounds.
  • The assembly for this home gym can be a little tricky so be sure to set aside plenty of time and dedication to the process… or better yet, ask for a helping hand!
  • This gym made it to our list because of its affordability and versatility but its construction does suffer slightly due to a smaller price tag compared to some of our other contenders.
    • It isn’t anything too terrible; it didn’t make us stop using it or anything, but once assembled, some things seemed to be a little off-centered. This might be something someone could adjust or fix but none of us were quite so handy!

The Top 3

We’ve gone over some powerful home gyms! Only three made it to our final cut, though. It was difficult for us to decide which ones we liked the most but we’ll explain our reasoning for each as we go.

  1. The BodyCraft Galena Pro is our favorite. We love the fact that it can easily be placed in a corner. (But it doesn’t have to be!) We also like the separate seating and the positions of them. The materials this home gym consists of impressed us as well as the fact that a workout DVD is included. These feels like a luxury gym which makes the idea of working out a lot more appealing. Did we mention the lifetime warranty yet? Yeah, we definitely like that. We weren’t impressed with this machine’s weight and resistance limits but we like the noise-dampening effects of the stack guard. For the price, it’s a pretty perfect gym!
  2. The Bowflex Blaze is our second choice. It can be folded, slightly, for storage and has a gliding seat. This home gym weighs around 200 pounds and the resistance can be upgraded to 410 pounds. Talk about power. The versatile, (kind of) compact Blaze is well worth every penny you’ll spend on it, so long as you can get used to using power rods instead of weights!
  3. The Total Gym XLS is our favorite bodyweight gym. It weighs under 100 pounds and can support 400 pounds of user weight. This is perfect for allowing those who can’t use some of the other home gyms the opportunity to become a little more active. The design is fascinating and we love the way it moves. It might not seem like it’s very powerful at first but that might mean you’re using it wrong! Just adjust the resistance and make sure you’re using it properly and you’re in for a fun, efficient workout! Not only will you be able to enjoy exercising on the XLS but you’ll also get 5 DVDs for even more motivation! (Seriously, you can easily do more than 80 exercises with this!) It’s super storable, too. When folded, it can fit under most beds or in small closets.

If you’re looking for something a little bulkier, begin a search for powerlifting gyms… but be prepared to pay a pretty penny! After having done our research, we’ve discovered that a lot of people who enjoy powerlifting also get enjoyment out of several different types of Bowflex machines (or similar brands). If making time to work out is difficult, consider starting off with one of the compact or portable home gyms! Whatever you do, if you’re moving, you’re doing well. Thank you for learning about our favorite home gyms!

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