Best Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chairs on Amazon

Whether you’re looking for an awesome way to relax or you’re hoping to solve some of the issues of chronic pain, massage chairs are a great option.

Financially speaking, massage chairs might seem a bit costly at first. If you’re going to a therapist and/or doctor regularly, you’re already spending a lot of money each year in visits.

We recommend getting the okay from your doctor and investing in one exceptional chair that can soothe aches and relax your mind at the same time! Over time, you’ll spend much less on your self-care routine.

We’ve taken a look at the best massage chairs currently available on one of the best online marketplaces in the world and chosen our favorite few based on data provided to us and personal experience.

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
Kahuna LM-6800 L-track
4 rollers
Zero gravity positions
6 programs, 5 massage techniques
5 out of 5

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Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner Fixed-point massage
8 rollers
Zero gravity position
4 massage programs
4.5 out of 5

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To be clear, massage chairs are not cheap. It’s quite difficult to find a good one for less than $200. On the other hand, it’s easy to spend over $8,000 on a suitable, high-quality chair.

Choosing a Comfortable Massage Chair

Now that we’ve gotten an idea of how much money we can expect to spend, let’s take a look at the things we should be focused on.

It mostly comes down to why you want a massage chair in the first place.

Do you desire a chair that can hold drinks, play music, and looks as cool as possible?

How do you feel about massage chairs that use zero gravity technology and help alleviate chronic pain complications?

Perhaps you want cool features, chronic pain relief, and such a good design that you can lightly relax in it while you watch a movie?

  • How much room do you have?
    • Where do you want to place the chair? In the living room? The bedroom? An office?
    • Imagine its positioning and measure the amount of room you’ll need.
    • It would be wise to consider the weight of the chair, too, especially if you want to assemble everything yourself. Some models weigh more than 300 pounds!
  • What kind of frame and build do you need?
    • There are plenty of fixed-frame and S-track models available for a cheaper price if simple relaxation or a light body massage is your goal.
    • If you want real relief, though, you should look for an L-track or an L/S-track chair.
    • Do you want it to have a lot of rollers for a more humanlike effect or are you okay with the standard of three or four? Dual-rollers exist but they’re best for those that don’t have hard-to-reach, achy areas.
    • Uninterested in roller-based massage? Airbag-based has become surprisingly popular and the same rules apply to those types in terms of massage quality.
    • Should it have wheels for easy movement?
    • Should it be sturdy and versatile, able to hold someone weighing more than 300 pounds and reaching more than 6-feet-tall?
  • Which main features matter most to you?
    • Does body scanning sound cool? That is supposed to be a computer scanning where your pressure points are. That means you won’t have to move the rollers around yourself.
    • Having the option to manually alter the position of the rollers and the intensity and speed of massage settings is always nice.
    • Speaking of massage settings, do you want more than kneading, knocking, or tapping? Maybe a combination, Shiatsu, Thai, and Swedish options?
    • Should it sport a zero gravity mode? Those modes make you feel like your body weight is suspended in air, no longer weighing you down. This is a pretty sweet feature to have!
    • Do you need it to focus on the neck, shoulders, hips, thighs, and feet more than the back? Be sure you can adjust the speeds and levels of those settings.
    • WiFi and/or Bluetooth connectivity, smart functionality, cup holders, height adjustment, and other choices are out there, too!

Kahuna LM-6800

  • The Kahuna LM-6800 is truly a gem when it comes down to cost compared to features.
    • It can usually be found for less than $5,000 and is also a space-saving model.
    • Did we mention the fact that it has 3 zero gravity settings?! Talk about relaxation and relief at their finest!
  • Has an L-track that also features an air-cell system.
    • Boasts a powerful four-roller massager.
    • Incorporates massage into most of the torso, extending to the neck, thighs, legs, and feet.
  • Offers kneading, kneading/tapping, rolling, Shiatsu, and tapping settings.
    • Promotes a healthy lifestyle with the yoga-stretching program, helping with compression issues.
  • Adjustable foot and leg area.

Best Bargain
Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

  • The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner is affordable for almost anyone and can function as a comfortable recliner when it isn’t powered on.
    • If you’re curious as to just how affordable this puppy is, it’s usually listed for less than $1,000!
    • Its price means that you are sacrificing some complexity and features but the features it does have are impressive enough to make up for that slight downfall.
  • Unlike the previous model we listed, it doesn’t feature an L-track. Its rollers stay put pretty well… but there are about 8 of them in the back area!
    • The shoulders, hips, arms, legs, and feet can be massaged lightly as well, just not thoroughly.
  • Does incorporate airbag rollers, making it a more pleasant massage experience overall.
  • Features a lengthy warranty and doesn’t usually take more than an hour to set up!

These two are the best massage chairs around on Amazon right now if you’re looking for an affordable price tag.

Our favorite, if money isn’t an object, is the Luraco iRobotics 7. It is simply a dream!

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