Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Sometimes it’s necessary to have someone (or something) else looking after the cleanliness of our floors. The best robot vacuum cleaners have made a statement for themselves recently and we can’t seem to get enough of them!

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 3-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.9 out of 5

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iRobot Roomba 650 3-step cleaning system
Remote control available, not included
Li-ion battery
4.8 out of 5

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ILIFE A4s 3-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.7 out of 5

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Eufy RoboVac 11+ 3-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.6 out of 5

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Dibea D960 4-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.5 out of 5

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Housmile Robotic Vacuum 2-step cleaning system
Remote control available, may not be included
Li-ion battery
4.4 out of 5

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PureClean PUCRC95 3-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.4 out of 5

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KOIOS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 3-step cleaning system
Remote control included
Li-ion battery
4.3 out of 5

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They can roam around on their own for an hour or more (on average) at a time without us telling them what to do. They’re the perfect little assistants!

Let’s take a look at what makes robot vacuum cleaners so special and why we’re ready to let them help us every day for the rest of our lives!


Allowing Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Assist You

There are all sorts of reasons one might want a vacuum cleaner… what’s your reasoning? It’s important to consider the fact that these cool contraptions are not typically meant to take the place of regular vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuums are supposed to help us keep up with the dirt and dust in our homes so that we may skip a few days of deep cleaning.

They are usually unable to do the deep cleaning that is required on occasion. However, many of the best robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with awesome features. Some are even capable of mopping floors! How cool is that?!

Before we start going into detail about each model, let’s get an idea of what we should be looking for and considering before we make a purchase.

  • What kind of floor(s) are you planning on using a robot vacuum cleaner on?
    • Do you have hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpeted floors? For carpeted homes, how high is it? Is it low-pile, medium-pile, or long-pile?
    • Many robot vacuum cleaners can only roam around on hard floors or very low carpet — be sure to check out the specifications on the vacuum you are most interested in.
  • What are your cleaning needs?
    • Do you already keep up with your home’s cleanliness pretty well or do you need as much help as possible?
    • Do you want this accessory to roam around freely or do you want to control it by hand?
    • Do you want a robot vacuum cleaner that can also mop? Or is sweeping and suction enough for you?
    • Are you willing to move bulky objects so it can clean those areas or do you want a robot vacuum cleaner that can fit under beds and couches with ease?
    • Do you have pets? Is that the main reason you’re looking into getting one of these? Are you trying to clean up excess fur and hair that has been shed? Kitty litter?
      • Be careful about allowing pets near the vacuum, too! Some pets have been known to hitch a ride on them which could be dangerous, as amusing as it might appear to be. (You don’t want them riding around on it while you’re not home and potentially damaging it, voiding the warranty).
  • What’s your budget?
    • Don’t go all out on one of these devices if you can’t afford it! There are cheap ones and expensive ones… and many of them do the exact same thing. Follow your heart and head, selecting one with features you like that doesn’t put too big a dent in your wallet or savings account.
  • How big is your home?
    • With many accessories, knowing the size of your house in square feet is crucial. These vacuums are no different. If you want to start it and let it go without worrying about it, you’ll need to know how many square feet it can travel before needing to charge or rest.
  • What’s the battery life?
    • Unless you have plenty of time to chase your robot vacuum cleaner around and charge it or change the batteries, you’ll want to read up on the battery life of that product. Generally speaking, one hour of battery life is ideal. More is better, of course, but you definitely don’t want to get one that has less than an hour of battery life on average.
  • What features matter to you?
    • There are tons of different features for robot vacuum cleaners. Take your pick!
    • Do you want to be able to control it with a remote or your smartphone? Is it able to sync up with your WiFi?
    • Do you want to be able to program it to clean on a set schedule? Can it be used daily or multiple times throughout the day?
    • How fast do you want it to clean? Some are slow and some are speedy, consider your needs and make a decision based on those.
    • Do you want it to have a HEPA filter?
    • Does it have an indicator for fullness?
  • Are you trying to replace an upright vacuum cleaner?
    • This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. In general, these are not meant to take the place of a good household vacuum. Instead, they’re meant to keep your home clean in between true vacuuming sessions.
    • If you don’t have an upright vacuum cleaner and you’re looking for one, check out our post on those!
    • Keep in mind that the canister or bag area on robot vacuum cleaners is usually much smaller than that of a large one… which means more emptying on our end!

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One size doesn’t fit all! Okay, so that’s the wrong expression, but the message is clear: there is no one, perfect model for everyone. Depending on your needs, the technical specs of the vacuum, and how much you’re willing to spend on the initial purchase and future upkeep should all be factors that influence your decision.

Refer to the questions above if you’re not sure where to begin. Your house size and cleaning needs should be clear before you even consider pulling out your wallet.

Following are a few suggestions to consider when deciding which robot vacuum cleaner will be best for you.

  • Cheap or neat?
    • You can expect to spend anywhere from $200 to upwards of $2,000 on a robot vacuum cleaner.
    • Do you want a small, simple model or do you want a fancy, featureful one?
      • If you don’t want to pay for maintenance or repairs, cheap is the way to go because it’ll last you a while and then a newer affordable model will probably be available.
      • If you want something high-end, packed with options, and you’d rather pay to repair the same one instead of buying a new one, you won’t regret buying a top-tier model.
    • Regardless of the route you take, see if there’s a warranty.
  • Big brand or specialty?
    • Do you want to buy one of these from a company that exclusively engineers and produces robot vacuum cleaners? Or do you want to go with a brand you already know and love?
      • A lot of upright vacuum cleaner companies are starting to make robot vacuums, too!
  • Hands-free?
    • An impressive number of robot vacuum cleaners can charge on their own.
      • If you really want to sit back and relax while you watch your chores taking care of themselves, a self-charging cleaner is for you.
      • Also take into consideration the average charging time, as this could prove to become a hassle.
        • It wouldn’t be wise to get one that can only clean for 10 minutes and needs to charge for 3 hours afterward.
    • Bags or bagless?
  • A.I.?
    • This is what makes some vacuums superior to others: artificial intelligence.
      • Do you want one that can learn as it goes?
      • If so, the more certain models are used, the faster and more efficient those models will become (in general).
    • Can it avoid accidents? Does it sense surface changes? Can it detect and avoid hazards like stairs? Will it clean near walls without getting itself stuck in a corner?
    • Can it detect dirt and hover in that area until the dirt comes out? Does that matter to you or will you be deep cleaning soon enough anyway?
    • Do you want it to come with virtual walls? These can direct a vacuum away from areas that should be avoided, including corners.
  • How loud?
    • Some are super quiet while others are unbearably loud. The way it cleans influences this. Decide whether or not you can deal with a loud, strong-suctioned vacuum or if you should spend extra money on quietening features.
    • 50-60 dB is an acceptable range for most people. (Not quiet, but tolerable).
      • If we’re around something that registers at 90 decibels for a long period of time, we will lose some of our hearing. Anything over 120 dB causes most of us pain and permanent hearing loss/damage.
  • How big?
    • Some are teeny-tiny while others reach a diameter of a little over a foot.
  • What kind of battery?
    • High-quality battery equals high-quality performance. The best robot vacuum cleaners currently on the market tend to feature Li-Ion or Ni-Mh batteries.
  • How much suction and does it have a brush roll?
    • Since we’re getting technical, suction power is typically measured in AW, CFM, Pascals, watts, and/or amps.
      • AW means air watts — a unit’s ability to suck air through an opening.
      • CFM means cubic feet per minute. (How much air is sucked up by a unit in a minute).
      • Pascals are pressure measurement units.
    • Brush rolls make lifting dirt a lot easier. The more a vacuum can guide dirt, the better!

All in all, it’s imperative that you understand the fact that most robot vacuum cleaners are not meant to be used on thick, shaggy carpets or rugs. Along with that, please remember that these are good helpers to have but they’re not meant to do everything for you. They work best when you do what you can and allow them to do the rest.

Don’t leave loose wires hanging around and expect them not to be bothered, the same as with a regular vacuum. Also, you’d benefit from walking around with your new robot vacuum cleaner the first few times you set it free. That way you can tell if it struggles to get over, around, or underneath anything.

By the way, do you want to be able to mop floors with your robot vacuum cleaner? Many newer models are making it possible for these devices to do both chores!

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for a Fair Price


  • The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 is an incredibly efficient bundle choice for a very fair price.
    • Costing less than $400, it can be used on hard floors as well as low-pile carpet.
    • This bundle comes with a one year warranty, a remote control (with batteries), a docking station, extra side brushes, and an extra filter.
  • Features smart technology.
    • Can connect to 2G WiFi and be synced to a smartphone via the app.
    • Can sense height drops and collisions, avoiding them. Equipped with bumpers.
    • Auto, Edge Mode, Spot Mode, and Single Room are the main cleaning modes found on the N79.
      • While in spot cleaning mode, it will hover over a specific area for a few minutes.
  • Has a Li-ion battery that can last a little over an hour and a half when fully charged.
    • This is a self-charging robot vacuum cleaner. Yay! Set up its charging station in a good location and let this little guy do his thing!
    • The time it takes to fully charge is relatively short at 3 to 4 hours.
  • The dustbin can hold 300 milliliters of debris.
    • Has a HEPA-style filter. (But it is not a true HEPA filter).
  • Has a noise level of approximately 60 to 65 dB.
    • The suction power is measured in pascals by the manufacturer, receiving a rating of 500 Pa.
  • Comes equipped with two nylon side brushes and a brush roll.

iRobot Roomba 650

  • The iRobot Roomba 650 might not be the fanciest Roomba but it is one of the absolute best.
    • It doesn’t come with a remote control, which is bothersome to certain people, but we couldn’t care less. You can program it to clean on a daily schedule or press the “clean” button whenever you want it to do its job.
  • It does come with a charging station that it can seek out on its own… so it’s self-charging, which is absolutely awesome. Stuff like that is a game changer with robot vacuum cleaners!
  • Has a three-stage cleaning system.
    • Features two central brushes. One loosens dirt and debris while the other one catches that same debris and cleans it up.
    • Can detect heavily-trafficked zones, spending extra time in those areas, doing its best to get as much dirt as possible out of there.
  • The Roomba 650 is able to make more than 50 choices in a second, meaning it does have artificial intelligence.
    • It can typically sense stairs and drops, avoiding them.
    • Sometimes it does get stuck, despite its technology, and sometimes it forgets what it just learned. We must be patient with things like this or be willing to pay more for more precise technological features.
  • This does not feature a high-efficiency filter. If you are set on having a good filter but like this model, see if there are any replacement filters you can get behind.
  • Runs on a Li-ion battery.
    • Can run for over an hour on floors without heavy carpet.


  • The ILIFE A4s is another affordable, efficient choice.
    • Usually found for around $300 or less, the A4s provides a lot of bang for such few bucks.
  • Can be programmed to run on a schedule but features a remote control, too.
  • Automatically seeks out its charging station when its battery runs low.
  • Can sense and avoid hazards like stairs and drops.
    • Can fit under most beds.
    • Can clean along walls.
  • Features a Li-ion battery that can clean a hard floor for about 2 hours before returning to its dock.
    • Can be told to clean at its maximum capacity via remote. (Will affect battery life but is a useful feature for troublesome spots).
  • The brush roll features innovative technology, avoiding tangles and featuring 2 side brushes.
    • That means less maintenance for you!
  • Weighs less than ten pounds, so it could be damaged by pets trying to get on top of it. Beware!
  • Does not work with WiFi.
    • Cannot be synced to a smartphone from an application.
  • Does feature high-quality filters.
  • Customer service is great, generally speaking, and if things go wrong, their support is there to help you.

Eufy RoboVac 11+

  • The Eufy RoboVac 11+ is an incredible bargain!
    • As with many robot vacuum cleaners, it features a 3-step cleaning process with a brush roll, two side brushes, and strong suction.
  • This Eufy runs on a Li-ion battery, delivering up to an hour and a half of performance before returning to its charging dock.
  • It comes with a remote control and the ability to program a cleaning schedule.
  • It’s small and thin, allowing it to reach under several different types of furniture.
    • Though it is small, it weighs a fair amount, registering around 15 pounds out of the box.
  • The dustbin can hold about half a liter of debris, meaning you won’t have to empty it nearly as often as you would have to empty others.
  • It is equipped with more than ten infrared sensors that make its navigation a lot easier, making it less likely to fall down stairs or bump into things repeatedly.
  • Cleans pet hair wonderfully well.
    • Many robot vacuum cleaners struggle to pick up pet hair… this is not one of those! It seems to be meant to pick up things like that.

Dibea D960

  • The Dibea D960 won’t drain your savings account but will drain your home of dust and debris.
  • This is one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners we’ve come across, boasting suction strength over 1,000 pascals.
    • Though lean and mean, it isn’t deafening. It’s actually nice and quiet for something so powerful.
  • The dustbin can hold a little over 300mL worth of dirt.
    • The unit itself weighs less than 10 pounds.
  • The D960 has a Li-ion battery that can last almost 2 hours before needing to be recharged.
    • It comes with a charging station that the vacuum will return to when its battery is low (or as directed on the remote control).
    • Can be programmed to clean on a schedule.
    • Cannot be synced to a smartphone.
  • Features a true HEPA filter.
    • Ideal for homes with pets.
  • Can automatically adjust its cleaning mode as it travels from surface to surface.
    • The four cleaning modes are auto, spot, zig-zag, and v-line.

Housmile Robotic Vacuum

  • This Housmile Robotic Vacuum is probably the best bang for your buck when you’re on a budget.
    • If fancy features aren’t all you’re after, you might be interested in a simple solution like this.
    • It does not charge itself. This is one of the only ones we’ve come across and still enjoyed that couldn’t return itself to its charging port. You will have to manually plug it in but this fact can save a lot of space. (Charging docks can take up a good amount of room).
  • It has a small room and a big room mode.
  • It is equipped with infrared sensors, helping it avoid drops and obstacles that would prevent it from doing its job.
  • The battery is Li-ion and can work for an hour and a half before needing to be charged.
    • It should fully charge within 5 hours.
  • It isn’t noisy because it has a special motor.

PureClean PUCRC95

  • The PUCRC95 is another budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner we’ve grown to love.
    • Though it’s budget-friendly, it does feature a charging dock (that the vacuum can seek out on its own), a HEPA filter, and a low profile.
    • The filter helps keep particles and allergens out of the air and its low profile allows it to roam around under furniture without getting stuck.
  • Though the battery details were a little hard to find, it seems like it features a good Li-ion battery because it can clean for an hour and a half before it needs to be recharged.
  • It can clean hard floors with ease but struggles on carpeted areas as the suction power is not overly astounding. (24w measurement).
  • It does come with a remote control so you can schedule the vacuum to run at certain times.
    • It isn’t compatible with any apps or smartphones but it has nice rotating brushes!

KOIOS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • This KOIOS model is affordable, efficient, and sleek.
    • It comes with a remote, a charging dock (that it can seek out itself), a high-quality filter (though not true HEPA), extra brushes, and a manual.
  • It has an automatic feature which can be activated with a touch or it can start smart cleaning with guidance from the remote.
    • The remote can control the vacuum from up to seven meters away. Any more than that and your guess is as good as ours as to whether or not it will clean anything.
  • The dustbin can hold about 500mL of debris, including hairs.
  • It’s fairly quiet, registering 60dB at most (on average).
  • The battery is a Li-ion one, capable of running for almost two hours straight!
  • This is one of the most mobile robot vacuum cleaners we’ve come across, showing off a profile that doesn’t exceed 3 inches in height.

Our Favorite Few

Now that we know a little bit about robot vacuum cleaners, we should be able to make an informed decision. We could’ve listed a bunch of Roombas because those are hard to beat but we wanted to spice things up because there’s so much to see! So many companies are getting good at hearing customer complaints.

The companies that listen tend to produce quality products. The more quality products a company produces, the better their products get over time, which makes more people happier, too! Had we been searching for a robot vacuum cleaner 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have had many to choose from…

If we had plenty to select from, we probably wouldn’t have had a fair selection of prices to browse through. That’s no longer the case and we couldn’t be happier! It’s important to stay up-to-date with technology and many businesses are starting to address the importance of affordable products.

When it comes down to it, we’re only able to decide on one to begin with. Hey, if you’re rich and want to spend money, buy more than one! But most of us can only afford one at a time, so here are the ones that stuck out to us the most.

  1. The Deebot N79 is the winner, hands-down. It’s affordable, well-designed, and incredibly efficient. It might not be the quietest vacuum and it might not have a true HEPA filter, but it’s pretty doggone close! You can imagine how delighted we were to come across one like this after expecting to spend close to $2,000 for an above-average vacuum.
  2. The Eufy RoboVac 11+ is in second place. It’s sleek, it’s good at what it does, and it can hold a fair amount of debris.
  3. Finally, we’d choose something like the Housmile if we wanted something that didn’t have any bells and whistles. The only thing we don’t like is the fact that it doesn’t self-charge but that does open up some storage space.

Before you break open your wallet, be sure to consider many things. If you’d be unhappy with the fact that you’d have to manually charge the vacuum, get a self-charging one. If you want to be able to control the vacuum from work, get one that is compatible with apps and smartphones (some are now compatible with Alexa). Depending on your needs, there’s a robot vacuum cleaner out there for everyone.

Thank you for learning about them with us and we hope you find what you’re looking for.

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