Best Smartwatches

Best Smartwatches

It’s now easier than ever to stop reaching for your smartphone multiple times throughout the day. It’s all thanks to the inventors of smartwatches!

Smartwatches make it a breeze to stay connected and stay professional at all times. We can’t express our fondness for them enough.

Let’s face it, more often than not, we refer to our phones in order to check the time. Smartwatches replace that need entirely… as well as they’re usually capable of plenty of other wonderful things!

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
Samsung Galaxy Watch Available in 2 sizes (42mm & 46mm)
Android and iOS compatible
Health-tracking technology
4.9 out of 5

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Huawei Watch 2 Sport One band size (~18mm)
Android and iOS compatible
Health-tracking technology
4.8 out of 5

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Apple Watch Series 4 Available in 2 sizes (40mm & 44mm)
iOS compatible
Built in LTE connectivity
Health-tracking technology
4.7 out of 5

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Several smartwatches don’t even have to be synced up with a smartphone! It’s not uncommon to find models that have LTE options.

That one feature alone typically determines whether or not you always have to have your phone nearby. Smartwatches with LTE tech won’t be relying on compatible smartphones in order to deliver instant notifications and updates.

Granted, it’s still nice to find a watch that pairs with your phone in case of emergency.

We recommend researching phone compatibility along with app availability, ease of use, and the overall size of any smartwatches that interest you.

Smartwatches: How to Select One

Clearly, style and design are important. They’re arguably the most important aspects of buying a regular watch and remain as determining factors when it comes to smart ones!

Being the creatures we are, if we don’t like the way something we use looks or feels, we probably won’t use it often (if at all). Keep this in mind when shopping for someone else! If you don’t know their preferences, it might be best to let them pick something out.

Following are some of the other features that are good to keep in mind when searching for the right fit for yourself.

  • Price.
    • Luckily for us, the price tags on smartwatches vary greatly. You can find some around the $100 price range. The average is usually $250-500. Others can cost more than a thousand dollars.
  • Operating systems, app accessibility/availability, and phone compatibility.
    • For the most part, we mostly have to choose between Apple or Android operating systems.
    • Certain smartwatches are compatible with both types of phones while others can only be paired with specific models.
  • Comfort and aesthetics.
    • Comfort comes first, always! You won’t want to wear something all day if it causes the least amount of discomfort.
    • The size (and thickness) of the face and band seem to affect comfort levels the most. If you have a small wrist, you won’t want a huge, bulky watch weighing it down all day.
    • Display sizes generally range from approximately 36mm to 48mm. Larger wrists don larger watches nicely, in our opinion.
    • Would you prefer a model that allows you to change the band out as frequently as you want? This makes matching easy instead of limiting your search to something that must mesh with most of your wardrobe.
    • Type of display matters to some. If you want it to look more like an old-fashioned watch than a digital display, be sure to check out pictures and videos of the model in question.
  • Charging convenience and battery life.
    • Some smartwatches take charging convenience to the next level, allowing you to actually charge your unit on the go with wireless technology.
    • For those of us that don’t mind more old-school methods, there are still plenty of options that must be charged on docks or with a wall charger.
    • Battery life is one of the biggest concerns for these purchases and it depends on multiple things.
    • The working technology, design, and how frequently you use it all affect a smartwatch’s battery life significantly.
    • Depending on the model and the above factors, you can expect the battery to last anywhere from less than a day to well over a week.
  • Other features.
    • If you don’t want to worry about taking your watch off every time you shower, look into whether or not it’s splash (or water) resistant.
    • Fitness tracking, heart-rate monitoring, etc., are great features for anyone trying to stay on top of their health while keeping up-to-date with real-world situations simultaneously.
    • Near-field communication technology can make it impossibly easy for busy business people to pop into a place for a quick lunch even if they’ve left their wallet behind. (You can now make mobile payments from your wrist without a problem at some businesses).
    • Call connectivity (or lack thereof) is highly important to some due to the possibility of needing to make an emergency call in the event that your phone is not nearby.

These are just a handful of suggestions that hopefully make choosing between smartwatches a little smoother.

Now that we’ve taken those things into consideration, let’s take a look at our personal favorites.

Smartwatches That Make Us Smile

There were just a handful of watches that thoroughly impressed us. That being said, an astounding number of worthy contenders does exist. We just want to talk about the latest, greatest models we were able to get our hands on without walking into a store!

Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is awesome and affordable, considering its abundant features and modern technology.
    • You can usually find these for less than $400.
    • This particular version should come with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor.
  • It can track your calories, steps, sleeping patterns, and more.
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to help everything sync up without too many issues.
    • Can be used with Android or Apple phones. Just remember that iOS compatibility may be limited.
  • Unless it is used more often than your smartphone, the battery should last a couple days before needing to be recharged.
    • Comes with a wireless charging dock.
  • The wrist strap can be changed out easily. This model comes with both a large and a small strap.
    • There are several replacement straps to choose from.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport

  • The Huawei Watch 2 Sport is sleek, stylish, and superior to most alternatives in terms of features and compatibility.
    • Choose between two Sport colors (grey or black), two Classic choices (black or brown), or two Watch 1 options (steel/blue or steel/black).
    • A little pricey, costing around $500 (but sometimes less).
  • Features its own GPS and health-tracking technology.
    • You can take note of your sleeping cycles, heart rate, location, and reach your destination without draining your phone power or data.
    • With the Workout Coach, you can enjoy real-time suggestions and more.
  • Utilizes NFC and Google Assistant.
    • Forgot your wallet? Fear not, you can pay at certain locations with nothing more than the watch on your wrist and money in your account.
    • Google Assistant makes it even easier to navigate through and use this smartwatch.
  • Can be used with Android and iOS phones.
  • Impressive battery life.
    • Features different energy-consumption settings: Watch-Mode (which can extend the battery life up to 3 weeks) and Smart Power Saving Mode (which allows you to use your watch pretty regularly for about 2 days before needing a charge).
    • Need directions to a faraway destination and don’t have your charger nearby? On a full charge, with a pristine battery, you won’t have to worry about finding a charger for about 7 hours.
  • Backed by a limited, one-year warranty.

Apple Watch Series 4

  • The Apple Watch Series 4 is our favorite, hands-down. It’s just not as affordable or compatible with as many phones as our previous choices are.
    • You can expect to spend $500 or more for a 44mm model or just a little less for a smaller one.
    • In our opinion, this smartwatch has the coolest design and digital display settings.
  • Features built-in GPS and cellular connectivity (LTE).
    • While phone pairing is ideal, it isn’t absolutely essential for continuous operation throughout the life of the smartwatch.
    • The standalone GPS and Cellular features are handy in certain scenarios.
  • Its featured health-monitoring technology allows you to keep track of your heart rate, breathing patterns, and more.
    • It even has the ability to detect falls and can send out an Emergency SOS if anything serious happens to its user. (That makes this a great choice for any aging technology enthusiast).
    • Can keep up with your runs, hikes, and even yoga poses.
    • Encourages you to keep exercising with challenges, coaching, and awards for achieving goals.
  • Can be operated by voice commands fairly easily.
    • Can also play sounds and music as well as it allows you to take phone calls.
  • One thing we’d like to disclose is that certain versions of this aren’t compatible with Verizon carriers. Be sure to check with your provider with model details and technical specifications if you aren’t sure.

Some smartwatches can be found for less than $100 if you’re willing to keep it pretty basic. Don’t be deterred by the prices of the ones we favor! There are so many smartwatches out there it’s almost overwhelming!

It’s all about personal preference, expectations, budget, and compatibility. We wish you luck on your search!

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