Best Video Doorbell on Amazon

Best Video Doorbell

Whether you love ordering things online and opting for doorstep delivery or you just want to keep an eye on the people that attempt to enter your home, video doorbells are a dream come true.

Why stop at getting a smart chime? Video doorbells take smart doorbells to the next level. If you have a teen with a not-so-trustworthy significant other or you don’t get all the packages you order, video surveillance is the way to go.

If none of that means anything to you, you will at least be more likely to catch Vine-worthy footage of your family coming home. You’ve seen those videos of parents and kids ringing their doorbells just to trigger the camera to catch golden moments, haven’t you? If not, check those out and come right back!

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
Ring Video Doorbell 2 Two-way talking
Wireless or wired option
1080HD video w/live view
4.8 out of 5

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About Video Doorbells

There are so many different types of video doorbells that it’s almost ridiculous! (But in the best way). You’re in charge of choosing whether they’re meant to be security measures or if they’re strictly meant for entertainment.

Smart doorbells are a thing now. There are many kits available for purchase that allow you to hear your doorbell from anywhere in the house. The coolness doesn’t stop there, though.

Typically, you’ll need a smart doorbell in order to have a video doorbell. One might argue that the two are the same but technically, you can have a video doorbell without having a smart doorbell, so it’s all up to you.

With video doorbells, some companies offer two-way voice communication. That means you can hear and be heard by whoever is at your door, should you choose to enable that.

Think about Halloween and how awesome it would be to scare some trick-or-treaters by saying “who goes there?!” We’re mostly kidding. While that would be cool, there are better uses for that.

For instance, if you have a package delivered that is meant to be a gift to someone, and the deliverer can be heard/hear you, you can tell them to leave the package in a certain area instead of right on the doorstep.

That’s why we love video doorbells! Online ordering is definitely convenient but it isn’t usually very discreet. If you choose one of the video doorbells that don’t have two-way talking, you can at least run home on your lunch break and hide the gift before it’s noticed by anyone else.

The main thing is ease of use. Video doorbells shouldn’t be difficult to operate. Luckily, if they’re kind of hard to install, they shouldn’t be hard to operate for most. If you don’t want to deal with all the technical stuff, you should probably look into an option that has motion detection instead of one that just rings and records.

If live streams are your thing, motion detection is a must! Just like with smart security lights, smart video doorbells will start recording once they detect someone nearby. That’s essential for people that are looking to avoid home invasions and such.

Onto the bigger and better things…

Does video quality matter to you? If you’re worried about home invaders, it should. If not, maybe not so much. What about sound quality? It’s all up for grabs!

Keep in mind your reason for installing such equipment and don’t settle for less than you desire because most technology is willing to accommodate your needs. There are low-quality cameras and high-quality ones.

You just need to look at your budget and the company’s specifications! If you’re like us and you just want to see that your package has been delivered on time, video quality won’t matter much. If identifying people is your main concern, then obviously video quality should be your priority.

Don’t care so much about that? What is your desired field of view? Do you want a camera that can rotate and/or see a wide range or are you okay with a smaller, targeted area?

The most popular video doorbells, made by Ring, are good about having a wide field of view. When it comes to viewing/playback, though, unfortunately, they tend to have the fish-eye effect. If you’d prefer a fullscreen video, you might want to look into different options.

By the way, if you can’t find an installation service upon purchase of your video doorbell, many licensed electricians would be more than happy to do this job for you. If you want to take the task on yourself, though, and you’re familiar with wiring things, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to set this stuff up!

Would you rather have hard copies of recorded surveillance or cloud storage? Look at the specs and make your decision accordingly. Many companies happily offer cloud storage while some require a hard connection for storage.

Also, do you want to worry about changing batteries fairly often or are you okay with running a few wires throughout your home so you don’t have to worry about that?

Personally, we prefer the wired options. It’s a little less hassle and, in all actuality, they’re more convenient.

Next, you should consider your aesthetic expectations. Do you want something that is bigger and bulkier than most things or are you okay with something slimmer and sleeker? If you’re okay with wires, the doorbells will generally look smaller and sleeker. Wireless options tend to be a little bit bigger and bulkier.

Clearly, it all comes down to personal taste! Now, let’s take a look at our favorites!

Our Favorite Video Doorbells

Granted, we didn’t go out and search in many physical stores for the best video doorbells. What we did do, though, was research and examine doorbells that are currently available on Amazon. We love Amazon for its ease of access and purchasing.

So the ones we chose to discuss in this post are the most popular ones on this platform. There very well may be better options in stores that we have no idea about. Don’t be scared to go and check out some options in person if you’re just curious!

The ones we fell in love with, though, are available to purchase online and do a darn good job.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

  • The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is easy to use, affordable, and efficient!
  • You can usually pick one up for less than $300 (even if you get the one that comes with the Echo Dot).
    • Don’t want to fool with installing it yourself? For about $100 more, you can select the professional installation option to keep it as hands-off as possible.
  • It works with Alexa, letting you view the video footage in real-time if you give the verbal command.
    • Also features two-way talking, so you can hear and be heard by your visitors.
  • The video quality is nice, using 1080HD and implementing infrared technology for night-time viewing.
  • It is able to be installed wirelessly (with a rechargeable battery pack) or it can be installed into the existing wires for your current doorbell.
  • Not quite sold on it yet because crime rates are high in your area? Comes with a lifetime warranty that will allow you to replace any stolen doorbell without being charged.


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