Best Waterproof Cameras

Best Waterproof Cameras

What in the world could you need a waterproof camera for? Just kidding! We’re here to take a look at the top 10 best waterproof cameras. We know exactly what you’d need one for, too!

Brand & Model Submersible Up To Key Features Ratings Preview & Purchase
Nikon COOLPIX AW130 100 ft 16 MP; 4x Zoom; HD Video (w/Sound); Image Stabilization; Burst Mode; Auto-focus & Auto-flash (TTL); WiFi with NFC; GPS & POI; Shock & Freezeproof; External Memory Support 4.3 out of 5
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Olympus TG-870 50 ft 16 MP; Video (w/Sound -- 1080); Shock & Freezeproof; 4x Zoom; Auto-focus; Art Filters; WiFi with NFC; Self-Timer; Long Battery Life (300 pictures or 2.5 hours of video); External Memory Support; GPS 4.2 out of 5
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Sony DSC-TX30/P (Pink) 32 ft 18 MP; 5x Zoom; SteadyShot (for clearer images); Shock & Freezeproof; Touchscreen Display; HD Video (1080i) 4.2 out of 5
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Olympus TG-4 16 (Red) 50 ft 16 MP; HD Video (1080p -- w/Sound); Shock & Freezeproof; 4x Zoom; Auto-focus (face detection); RAW image capable; Built in & External Flash (Auto); Art Filters & Panorama; WiFi & GPS; External Memory Support; Long Battery Life (380 pictures or 2 hours of video); Self-timer 4.2 out of 5
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Nikon COOLPIX S33 (Blue) 33 ft 13.2 MP; Continuous Shot (11 images at once); HD Video w/Sound (1080p); External Memory Support; Extra-Large Buttons; 3x Zoom; Auto-focus & Auto-flash (TTL); Battery Life (200 pictures & over an hour of video); Shock & freezeproof 4.1 out of 5
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Fujifilm FinePix XP90 (Blue) 50 ft 16.4 MP; Image Stabilization; External Memory Support; Shock & Freezeproof; Panorama; 2x Zoom; Auto-focus & Auto-flash; Self-timer; Red-eye reduction; HD Video (1080p); WiFi (w/Geotagging); Battery Life (About 200 pictures) 4.1 out of 5
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VTech Kidizoom Action Cam (Yellow/Black) ~6 ft Targeted towards children; Ideal for someone's first action camera; Inexpensive; Can record and take photos for about 2 hours; External Memory Support 4.4 out of 5
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Ion 1011L 30 ft ~5 MP; Cloud Storage Capable; WiFi; Video w/Sound (1080p or 720p); Burst Shot; Battery lasts about 2 hours 4.0 out of 5
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GoPro HERO4 Silver ~130 ft 12 MP; Night Photo & Night Lapse; WiFi; Smart Remote; Auto Low Light; Video w/Sound; Protune; RAW file compatible; External Memory Support 4.5 out of 5
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AEE Technology S70AEE (Black) 32 ft to 328 ft 16 MP; 10x Zoom; WiFi; Video w/Sound (1080p); Includes mount & housing; External Microphone; Remote Control Capabilities 4.3 out of 5
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  • You or a loved one enjoys swimming and/or photography.
  • You want to go underwater treasure-hunting. (The obvious choice!)
  • You just like taking pictures of everything you do, including hitting your toe on the bottom of a shallow pool.

These are exaggerations, of course, but the ideas behind all of them are very logical and real! We’re all different kinds of people who live life in different ways, who knows what everyone does with these! Maybe one of us has started building an awesome underwater ecosystem and we want to track its evolutionary progress.

In order to be fair and completely clear, we should point out to everyone that it isn’t safe to assume all of these models will function properly in deep water by themselves.

It also isn’t safe to assume that purchasing an expensive model guarantees a lifetime of photographs from the same camera.

You’re taking an electronic device (in most cases) underwater. Though it is bound to work for its guaranteed amount of time, you would benefit from purchasing backups if you plan on using a waterproof camera professionally.

You would be wise in looking for a durable, waterproof case for your camera of choice. This will ensure maximum underwater efficiency and safety. (You don’t want to buy an expensive camera just to break it by taking it too deep in the water, do you?)

If you don’t want to do that, be sure to pay attention to how deep the camera can go without additional water gear.

Why Do We Think These Are the Best?

While some might think it’s biased to assume there are models that are better than others, we’re here to assure you that we had none. We simply search for variety, features, and functions. We understand that everyone’s a little different and each of our underwater

We simply search for variety, features, and functions. We understand that everyone’s a little different and each of our needs might be a little (or a lot) different!

We do realize there are very few right and wrong reasons for preferring certain waterproof models and manufacturers over another. Our justification lies in reliability, durability, and customer satisfaction.

We’re not okay with brands claiming to be waterproof yet proving to allow the equipment to become waterlogged. The solution? We searched far and wide for better options, not just any, old option.

We wanted to find cameras that could handle a little depth all on their own, so we did.

Who is This Purchase for?

  • Are you hoping to go on vacation, to swim with dolphins, and to capture each moment?
  • Or are you planning on purchasing one of these awesome sidekicks for a loved one?
  • Do you want a digital camera?
    • This feature usually costs a little more, but the photography major will be impressed with it. They won’t have to rely on traditional, slow development with a digital camera.
      • With the right accessories, they could tell a wireless printer to print the image they just took.
  • How much can you comfortably spend on a waterproof camera and accessories?
    • Let’s face it, if you want this gift to jump out at its recipient, you’ll want to be sure it has all the key components! Sometimes these won’t be included with the initial purchase and we’re forced to spend a little more. If you know what the recipient expects out of such equipment, this process shouldn’t be difficult.
    • Stick to your budget. When you create a budget, make it flexible. That way you can comfortably spend a little over (or under) what you’ve planned on spending without hurting your own financial status.
      • While gift-giving isn’t about being stingy, we shouldn’t be giving gifts that break our own bank. If you insist on giving such a gift, save up for the purchase so you don’t rack up debt on a credit card.
  • How far into the water do you plan on taking this camera?
    • If it’s for a child that isn’t allowed to swim very far out, don’t worry about getting a camera that can function sixty feet below the surface.
    • If you or your loved one enjoy deep-sea diving, you’re going to want to check out some waterproof cases.
  • Is it for professional or personal use?
    • This will make a difference in deciding what kind of camera to buy.
      • If you just want the camera for personal use, (so as to remember your tropical vacation forever) you’ll probably be fine with a simple, compact camera.
        • The only way you wouldn’t be impressed with one of these is if you are great with photography — the quality may not be high enough for you.
        • What is a compact camera?
          • One that you need only point-and-click. This keeps things simple and enjoyable, which is why it’s ideal for non-professional use. 
      • If you plan on using the waterproof camera professionally, you may want an SLR camera or DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera.
        • These are the cameras that show us the image we’re taking before we take it. This is helpful in making sure we don’t take a bunch of out-of-focus shots. Again, a great choice for professional use.
          • Unless your child or gift recipient is passionate about photography, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the camera you buy has this function or not.
    • You may have to deal with a laggy shutter. Actually, you most likely will.
      • If you want quality pictures, you’ll expect to wait a few seconds after you click to capture the image.
      • Refraining from as much movement as possible until the camera’s cycle is over will ensure the best photo possible.
  • How much does the camera weigh?
    • If you or your loved one can’t comfortably carry extra weight, be sure to look for a lightweight model. Some models, housing and all, can cause wrist discomfort over an extended period of time.
  • Do you prefer negative save files (RAW files) or JPEG-type files (full of color and focus)?
    • Back to professional versus personal use, do you need maximum editing room? Or do you just want cool pictures?
      • If you really don’t care, JPEG-oriented cameras are the way to go.
      • If you’re concerned with editing abilities, choose a RAW file-friendly camera.
  • Do you just want to take pictures?
    • Or do you want the ability to record videos, as well?
      • Most models’ descriptions will make it clear whether or not they have video capabilities.
  • What time of year is it?
    • This might seem like a silly question at first glance, but let’s be realistic.
      • Holiday season is what retailers look forward to. Why?
        • Because the current year’s models can go on sale and the newest models will be so new they’re still very expensive.
      • Spring and summertime are great seasons for gift shopping because that’s when groups of new models tend to surface.
        • Don’t forget how many sales pop up during the spring and summer months at most retailers!
  • What is the progressive image display?
    • Many cameras will come standard with 720 or 1080p.
      • They’re both considered acceptable in terms of photo quality, but the higher the number, the higher-quality the photo.
  • Does the camera have audio functions?
    • Meaning, can you record sounds?
    • Is that even important to you or your loved one?
  • Does it have filters?
    • If you want to be able to connect your camera to your computer, ready to upload your new profile picture, you’ll appreciate filter functionality.
  • Can you take a panoramic photograph with this camera?
    • In other words, can you take a cool, super-wide picture of the scenery you see on vacation?
  • Does the camera have a face-detecting sensor?
    • Models that are not digital most likely won’t, but digital cameras are starting to come pretty standard with face-detection software.
  • Does the camera have WiFi capabilities?
    • Again, for picture uploading ease, this is an important question! This could also be important if your vacation also requires some research with imagery.
  • Is there a self-timer on the camera?
    • Another somewhat standard feature compared to the capabilities of cameras from the past.
  • Does the camera come equipped with GPS?
    • Not to get you home, silly! But so everyone can see where you were when you took the awesome picture of you swimming with sharks.
    • To our surprise, many models offer this feature. We think that’s because it’s great for advertisement, too!
  • How many photos, on average, can you take before the camera calls it a day?
    • This is a fancy way of asking “how many pictures can I take before the camera dies?”
      • Instead of looking solely at minutes or hours of life, check the number of photographs per charge the camera can hold, too.
  • Is the camera capable of external storage?
    • Or must you rely on internal storage only?

Now that we have those important questions out of the way, let’s begin our journey to find the best waterproof cameras of 2016!

For the most part, we’re looking for cameras that will make good personal companions. While we may discuss some top-notch, professional gear briefly, we’re mostly interested in pointing out high-quality personal gear to you!


  • Loaded down with a 16.0 MP (megapixel) sensor, this Coolpix model is our favorite. (It isn’t the cheapest, though).
  • You enjoy high-quality, 4x digital zoom with this camera!
  • Nikon believes you can take quality photographs as far below the surface as 100 feet… but we suggest buying a case in order to prolong this camera’s life.
    • If you’re willing to dish out this kind of money, we’d be willing to bet that you’d like this device to last a nice amount of time!
    • You could also take this skiing with you in favorable temperatures. (Above 14 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise it might not be as freezeproof as you’d hope).
      • It’s also a little shockproof, surviving drops from about seven feet in height.
  • Key features include:
    • GPS and POI. (POI meaning points of interest — location tagging).
    • WiFi with NFC capabilities. (NFC meaning near-field communication — if your tablet is nearby, you can upload your images via WiFi).
    • External memory support.
    • Through-the-lens (TTL) auto-flash.
    • Burst mode. This is great for capturing fast-moving images. With this particular camera, expect to be able to take about five photos in one, short burst.
    • Video-capable. 
      • You can capture videos in HD, as well! You don’t have to twist our arms!
        • It has a built-in microphone, too.
    • Image stabilization.
      • For those of us with less-than-perfect focus, meaning shaky hands, this is an awesome feature to have. It tries to counteract movement and create a smooth image.
    • Set the scene. Before you take your awesome picture, change the scene settings and see how it affects your imagery.
      • This is where you’ll access the panoramic mode.

Olympus TG-870

  • The Olympus Tough is an awesome camera for less money than the Nikon Coolpix AW130.
    • It costs less and can’t go as deep underwater as the AW130… but for the price break, can you blame us for being interested?
    • You can go about fifty feet underwater and use this camera safely.
      • We still suggest finding proper housing for the camera so you can take it further into the water without risking its life!
  • The internal memory of the camera is 37MB, but external memory is supported.
  • This Tough camera comes equipped with:
    • WiFi,
    • GPS,
    • USB-connection capabilities,
    • two LEDs,
    • five buttons,
    • a self-timer,
    • 4x zoom,
    • auto-focus (with face detection & red-eye reduction software),
    • and a battery life of 300 pictures or 2.5 hours of video.
  • This camera usually weighs less than half a pound!
    • Since you can flip the rear LCD screen to see what you’re shooting from the front, that’s impressive.
  • The TG-870 is water, shock, and freezeproof as well.
    • Freezeproof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Shockproof up to a seven-foot drop.
  • You can capture a panoramic shot with this camera. Yay!

Sony DSC-TX30/P (Pink)

  • This compact camera has an 18.2 MP sensor.
  • The DSC-TX30 features SteadyShot, which helps prevent blurry pictures from happening (regardless of how excited you are).
    • If you want to zoom in on an image, you can, up to 5x!
  • This is another shock & freezeproof model… but it’s only waterproof up to 32 feet underwater.
  • You can take videos with this camera, but the battery life isn’t as impressive as it can be on some models.
  • This has a touchscreen display, but you cannot access it while taking underwater photographs. (Don’t be too disappointed, it can prove to be difficult on other models that are capable).
  • There is no GPS feature on this camera, but that’s okay if you’re not a big “look-at-me (and my exact location)” person!
  • You can use panorama mode on this model, as well as other art filters.
  • If you want a super easy-to-carry camera capable of catching a few big splashes of your life, this isn’t a bad choice.

Olympus TG-4 16 (Red)

  • This Tough model has a 16 MP sensor.
    • The model we’re promoting should include an accessory bundle.
      • Along with the camera, you would receive a memory card, a tripod, a case, a floating strap, and a cleaning kit.
    • This Tough camera is shock & freezeproof.
      • Shockproof up to seven feet.
      • Freezeproof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Zoom in 4x with this camera!
  • It’s equipped with image stabilization and face detection software.
  • It isn’t touchscreen, but we’re not complaining.
  • You can only go underwater about fifty feet (safely) without any type of housing for the camera.
  • Have we mentioned that this camera can create RAW image files?!
    • That bumps this up to a professional-grade camera. Sweet! We can confidently create beautiful images from underwater and edit them to perfection from negative form.
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a GPS and the joys of WiFi so you can upload pictures with location tags to your computer or phone easily. (Special thanks to NFC technology!)
    • Oh, and a self-timer!
  • It weighs close to half a pound.

Nikon COOLPIX S33 (Blue)

  • This Coolpix model has a 13.2 MP sensor.
    • Zoom in 3x with ease!
    • Include yourself in your favorite pictures with the self-timer function.
    • Capture the perfect image with the flash function.
  • Want to take a video? Go ahead. The S33 can handle it!
    • Looking for a series of quick shots instead? Look no further!
      • You can take eleven pictures in a row quickly.
    • Need to take a memo by voice? No problem.
  • Taking it on your winter vacation? Cool, as long as it doesn’t fall below 14 degrees Fahrenheit!
    • Accidentally drop it from about 7 feet high? It should be fine!
      • As with most other models, we suggest investing in a case with this purchase if they’re available.
  • Need a lot of storage space? That’s fine, you can use an external memory card.
  • Worried about how much something like this might weigh?
    • Fear not, it weighs less than half a pound (loaded up)!
  • Giving this as a gift? Don’t worry about the age of the recipient, the buttons are large enough for almost anyone to figure out.
    • Another cool feature is that you can create sound within a slideshow.
      • The art filters don’t hurt, either.

Fujifilm FinePix XP90 (Blue)

  • Soak in the perfection that comes with a 16.4 MP sensor.
    • Zoom in easily at 2x, with the option for 5x optical zoom.
    • You can depend on the face detection software when you forget to focus on a face yourself!
    • Oh, yeah! It has auto-focus & auto-flash. No worries if you forget to do that, either!
  • Rely on the 96MB of internal memory storage or use an external memory card up to 8GB in size.
  • You can take about 10 pictures in a row. (Quickly! Yay, action shots!)
  • You can only take the FinePix about fifty feet underwater.
    • But on the bright side, it has WiFi (and NFC) capabilities and art filters!
      • You can also geo-tag your pictures. (Such a convenient picture for those that love to travel).
      • Speaking of traveling, you can depend on this camera to be shock & freezeproof, in case you accidentally drop it from a few feet above. (Or take in cold weather, down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit)!
  • The battery life is about 200 (consecutive) pictures long!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam (Yellow/Black)

  • Let’s talk about how awesomely affordable this camera is, first and foremost.
    • (It’s usually under $100 and is geared towards children)!
      • Don’t scream in fear when they get near your camera at the beach again anymore. You can now get them their own, with confidence.
    • It comes with three different mounts and a strap that goes around yours or your child’s wrist to make the possibility of losing it a little less likely to happen.
    • Your child can enjoy gameplay on this camera, too! (It has games built-in).
    • You can connect the camera to your computer so you can upload the footage for your kid!
    • You can only take this camera about 6 feet below the surface, but that’s fine since it’s geared towards children and novice photographers, anyway! We don’t need a whole lot of wiggle room with something this handy!
  • You can use an external memory card for more storage and longer recording time.

Ion 1011L

  • Take this iON thirty feet below the surface safely, without a case.
    • Have you seen the sleek design yet?! It looks like a mini-submarine, in a way. Pretty cool way to take underwater photos, if you ask us!
  • The WiFi adapter should be included with your purchase.
    • The charger should be included, too.
  • You can record videos with this handy, waterproof camera.
    • Those videos can include sound, which makes it even more worth it!
    • Did we mention that those videos can be shot at 1080p, yet?
  • You can insert an external memory source for maximum storage capacity.
  • Don’t expect more than 5 MP out of each picture. This isn’t as impressive a number as some of the competing models, but it isn’t the worst on the market, either. Plus, if you don’t have to buy a case for this and it’s still that good, what’s so wrong with less resolution?

GoPro HERO4 Silver

  • The housing this camera comes with allows you to take pictures close to 130 feet below the surface!
    • The waterproof housing should be included with your purchase.
    • GoPro always impresses us with their extreme functionality.
    • You can record videos with 1080p or 720p. You can also shoot in 4K mode if you wish!
    • 12 MP pictures can be expected out of this awesome action camera.
  • You can enjoy the functionality of the touchscreen display!
  • This GoPro has Burst Shot capabilities if videos aren’t quite your style.
  • Want professional-grade images?
    • This camera is capable of creating RAW image files as well as
  • If you haven’t seen just how awesome GoPro cameras can be, please do yourself a favor and watch a few videos.
    • Watch videos of this specific model, actually! You’ll be glad you did, surely!
  • The smart remote is a must-have… you can control the camera’s functions from afar!
    • Well, you could download the app as well. (It’s addicting, trust us)!
  • If you were hunting down extra, external storage, you can use a 64GB memory card with this device. That is awesome!

AEE Technology S70AEE (Black)

  • The S70 is a pretty neat-looking, efficient, waterproof camera.
    • It’s equipped for action shots from the get-go!
    • You can zoom in 10x on shots.
  • Most of these models come with a pouch and a waterproof case!
  • You can definitely shoot videos on this awesome contraption.
    • You can choose between 1080p, 960p, & 720p.
  • Want to detach the LCD screen? Can do!
  • This camera has WiFi capabilities and doesn’t usually weigh more than a pound.
    • Get acquainted with the app when you buy this camera if you want to enjoy remote-control functionality!
  • You can capture about 12 images in a row.

Our Favorite Few

If you still need a little help deciding between the few we’ve discussed, we’ll share our opinion with you.

If we’re going for a professional-grade, super personal camera, we’re going to grab one of the Olympus cameras. They offer serious benefits for a pretty reasonable price!

If we’re wanting nothing but action-shots, we’re probably going to grab a GoPro. It just makes sense, you know? (Surely you watched those videos by now!)

We weren’t going to mention the Nikon COOLPIX AW130 again, but it really does deserve it. If you didn’t see all of its features before, please click on its picture and check it out right now. It’s one of the absolute best waterproof cameras on the market!

Thank you for choosing to learn all about waterproof cameras with us and we hope you find the perfect one!

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