Best Waterproof Speakers

Best Waterproof Speakers

It’s been a hot summer and we’re just now approaching the halfway point. If you’re tired of killing speakers because you have to turn the volume all the way up and keep them far away from your pool or hot tub, you’ll be relieved to see our list of waterproof speakers!

Similar devices may be okay to bring a bit closer to the water than most while many of these waterproof speakers are basically begging to get in with you!

Brand/Model Key Features Ratings More Information
Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 IPX7 (3 feet of water for 30 minutes)
Maximum battery life: 15 hours
Auxiliary outlet
5 out of 5

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Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo IPX7 (3 feet of water for 30 minutes)
Maximum battery life: 8 hours
Auxiliary outlet
4.9 out of 5

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Fugoo Style XL IP67 (highly dirt/dust resistant and waterproof in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes)
Maximum battery life: 35 hours
Auxiliary outlet
4.8 out of 5

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How do you spot the differences between water resistant speakers and waterproof speakers? We’re glad you asked! Let’s get into the details below.

Wondering About Waterproof Speakers

Before we start going crazy and talking about how wonderful certain waterproof speakers may be, let’s talk about the ones that are acceptable but are marketed the wrong way.

  • Ingress Protection (IP) ratings matter.

If it isn’t listed on the manufacturer’s website, contact them directly if you want specifics on exactly how wet your speaker can get.

If you just want a simple breakdown, here you go:

  • IPX0 through IPX3 devices shouldn’t even be sold to someone as waterproof because they’re absolutely not.
    • At best, these might be able to handle a couple sprinkles of water when positioned at a certain angle, making them slightly water resistant. Not worth the money if you want something that can actually get wet.
  • IPX4 through IPX6 devices are a little better and more along the lines of waterproof… but they’re still technically just water resistant.
    • If you plan on taking your speaker to the hot tub with you while the jets are turned on, you will want IPX5 and higher because they are more splash resistant.
    • IPX6 models are typically safe if caught in the middle of a water gun war.
  • IPX 7 and 8 is what we were most interested in, as this rating is the closest thing to waterproof as we could find.
    • IPX7 means the speaker can be dropped (or dipped) in about 3 feet of water and still function properly. If you drop these speakers in the deep end of a pool, though, you better dive in quickly to get it!
    • IPX8 ratings are our favorite because they will typically be okay in more than 3 feet of water. This is where the manufacturer’s specifications come into play, though, as some IPX8 models may only be okay in 4 feet of water instead of 3 whereas another model might be able to sink down in 12 feet of water and be fine.
    • Many IPX7 models can only take full submersion for approximately half an hour.

We urge you, again, to look at the specs on a model before you purchase it.

The depth of the water matters, the type of water matters, and the time spent underwater matters!

It should be noted that most models with “IPX#” ratings aren’t rated for dust or dirt, too. The “X” in those ratings would be replaced with another number if they were.

If you’re looking for a mud-proof, dirt-proof model, check back another time because we’re focused on getting in the water and listening to our jams more than hiking in this post!

To be fair, some of these models may actually be shockproof and dirt-proof… it just takes a little digging on your end to find out! We had no intention of dropping these speakers on hard or dirty grounds or surfaces.

We wanted waterproof speakers and that’s exactly what we found!

Other things to consider:

  • How much do you want to spend?
    • These little sidekicks can cost anywhere from $10 to $300, depending on their manufacturer, features, and more.
    • Generally, the more expensive they are, the more features they have. Sometimes they’re big, as well. We concerned ourselves with portable versions first and foremost, landing most of our options in the average range in terms of cost to consumer.
  • What kind of (or how much) sound do you expect?
    • Anyone that expects nothing less than premium sound quality will want to do some serious research in terms of technical specs.
    • Cost does not always determine sound quality. There are some $30 speakers out there that perform better than a $300 speaker could.
  • Do you want it to have a suction cup?
    • That might seem like a silly question at first but you should think about it. Do you just want to set it beside the pool or do you want it to stick to the inside of it?
    • What about showering? Do you want it to stick to the shower wall or do you just want it to clip or hang onto something in said shower?
    • Suction cup features are also great for use in hot tubs.
  • Which other features matter to you?
    • Battery life is important to most people. If the speaker can’t play music for at least an hour, you probably don’t want it! Speakers these days should work for at least 1 hour with their settings maxed out if they’re to be found acceptable. Some surpass that, being able to play music for half a day without needing to be charged.
      • On top of battery life, charging time is crucial. A good speaker shouldn’t require 24 hours of charging in between uses. Many take less than 5 hours to fully charge.
      • Keep in mind that rechargeable batteries can’t be recharged for eternity… they will almost always need to be replaced after many, many uses! (Should typically be good for hundreds or thousands of uses, though).
    • Bluetooth wireless range is another important thing to consider. A minimum of 20 feet is acceptable but many can reach 50-100 feet without issues.
      • Speaking of Bluetooth, make sure the version on the speaker is compatible with the device you intend to sync it with.
    • Some waterproof speakers now come equipped with a microphone and can be used as a speakerphone… that means you don’t have to jump out of the pool anytime your phone rings!
    • Should it have an auxiliary port? You’re probably thinking “Bluetooth means wireless” and you’re not wrong… it does! But sometimes Bluetooth technology doesn’t work correctly and you still want to hear your music loud and clear. This is where an aux cord would come in handy.
    • Some models come with cases that make them entirely waterproof, making it possible for us to take them kayaking or floating down the river. If you want it to be playable in its case, though, that’s something to look into as many cases are only meant for safe transportation purposes.
    • Do you want to be able to sync multiple speakers? Some models allow this while others do not.
    • If a totally hands-free experience is what you seek, see if the model you’re interested in is compatible with Alexa or another hands-free assistant.

Wonderful Waterproof Speakers

We did our best to list models that are available on Amazon with an IPX7 rating or higher. If any with lower ratings made it on our list, it’s because it was an acceptable shower speaker and we will list its rating in its description.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

  • The UE BOOM 2 is, by far, our favorite out of all the waterproof speakers on the market.
    • It provides positively breathtaking sound quality, battery life, and wireless range!
    • It might be a bit pricey to some folks but it’s worth every penny if you ask us.
  • It can be used with a 2nd generation Echo Dot (or purchased with one) for a truly hands-free experience.
  • Can be used for up to 15 hours straight without needing to be charged, depending on volume and settings.
    • Should charge in less than 3 hours on average.
  • Bluetooth functionality up to 100 feet away from the music source.
  • Has an IPX7 rating, allowing it to drop into 3 feet of water for approximately 30 minutes before facing any issues.
  • Can be synced up with other UE speakers (at least 50 of them, if not more). We suggest recommending these to all your friends to really get the neighborhood moving!
    • The sound should travel 360 degrees given its design.
  • Has an auxiliary port.
  • Weighs a little more than 1 pound.

Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo

  • The BOOM Swimmer Duo is affordable and powerful compared to many waterproof speakers!
    • Can usually be found for less than $100.
    • Has an IPX7 rating.
  • Has a flexible tail that can look around things or be detached altogether.
    • Tired of looking at that tail? No problem, it can be replaced with a suction cup, making this highly versatile!
    • With its versatility, you’re able to use it around the hot tub and in the shower!
    • Don’t want the tail or the suction cup on the bottom? No worries.
  • Comes with a micro USB cable.
  • Features an auxiliary port.
  • This particular model can be used as a speakerphone as well as it can be synced with another Swimmer Duo.
  • Has a battery life capacity of 8 hours on low settings with a charging time of approximately 2 or 3 hours.
  • Weighs a little less than 1 pound.

Fugoo Style XL

  • The Fugoo Style XL is the perfect match for any audiophiles that care more about sound quality than they care about bass levels!
    • There is also a heftier, more durable version, called the Tough XL for anyone that wants to take this for a spin in the wilderness for a day or two.
    • It has a battery life of up to 35 hours! How wild is that?!
    • This would have been our number one choice if it had speaker-pairing capabilities… sadly, as of right now, it does not.
  • Features 360-degree sound and really pulls you in with the quality of the sound it produces.
  • Has an IP67 rating! That means it’s actually pretty dirt-proof, meaning this little guy is even safe to take camping with you.
    • The waterproof aspect is standard, in comparison with the others on our list, being able to be submerged for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water.
  • It packs a lot of power! (38 watts, to be exact).
    • Can charge your phone while it plays.
  • Can be used, totally hands-free, with Siri as well as certain Android assistants!
    • This was one of the only models we came across that worked well with Siri and iPhones without having to press anything after the initial setup.
  • Weighs a little more than 5 pounds. Not recommended for small children but is pretty lightweight considering its other features.

Waterproof Speakers for Days!

There are hundreds of marvelous options out there, especially online. We chose these three because they delivered high-quality sounds and were capable of functioning as speakerphones.

Thank you for learning about waterproof speakers with us and we hope you find one that suits your needs!

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